RM Press Release: Recall Masters Helps Dealership Client Prevail in TCPA Recall Communications Lawsuit

Recall Masters’ Christopher Miller warns auto dealers they could be easy targets for aggressive plaintiffs’ lawyers; offers advice to keep them safe

Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced that it recently helped a large dealership client quickly fend-off a lawsuit related to recall communications…

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Recall Masters Featured on WJLA Washington, D.C.

October 27, 2017 – Record number of vehicles on the road with unrepaired recalls.  Read more on the WJLA website.

RM Press Release: Recall Masters Announces Integration with Record360

Dealers, rental agencies, and consumers now have real-time status updates when returning vehicle rentals or during recalls; helps avoid claims disputes

Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications today announced a partnership with Record360, the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and asset condition management, to integrate its real-time vehicle recall lookup into the Record360 app. Dealers, rental …

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Feature in Auto Rental News

ProMax Launches Recall Check Feature, featured in AutoRentalNews.com

Dealer Marketing Services Inc., the makers of ProMax Unlimited, announced the release of Recall Check, a new feature available within the ProMax platform.  Recall Check monitors auto dealers’ entire inventory for open recalls via an automatic nightly process. Additionally, Recall Check performs a check for recalls whenever a trade is booked in or a vehicle is delivered. All recall information is tracked across several reports and available at the click of a button, according to the company…

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Feature in AutoRemarketing

ProMax adds open recall monitoring tool, featured in AutoRemarketing.com

Dealer Marketing Services, the makers of ProMax Unlimited, recently released Recall Check, a new feature for the platform that tracks open recalls.  Recall Check was designed to monitor a dealer’s entire inventory for open recalls.

“Recall Check gives our dealer customers a foolproof way to track all pertinent recall information and use it to generate service business and protect their dealership from liability,” ProMax chief executive officer John Palmer said in a news release…

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RM Press Release: ELEAD1ONE Announces Integration with Recall Masters

Service Advisors can now get Real-Time Vehicle Recall Information During Vehicle Check in Process

ELEAD1ONE today announced a partnership with Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, to integrate real-time vehicle recall lookup into the Service1One Lane Management App.  Determining recall status during the mobile check in and initial inspection process saves…

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Feature in MotorAge

Defuse the Ticking Time Bomb of Open Recalls, featured in SearchAutoParts.com

It was November 7, 2014 when The New York Times published a shocking article that revealed exactly how unsafe our roads are. The subject? Takata’s airbag recall crisis. Called “the largest and most complex safety recall in US history,” it affected vehicles made by 19 automakers and 85 million American airbags. Major companies, from Honda…

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Feature in MotorTrend Magazine

Recall Fatigue: The Dirty Secret Affecting Millions of Cars, featured in MotorTrend Magazine

Ponder this: One out of every six cars driven on American roads has an unrepaired safety recall. That’s about 63 million vehicles. So as you commute every morning, look around and try to figure out which nearby car has the wonky brakes or malfunctioning steer-by-wire system. It might even be yours, and you…

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Feature in OPB Network

1 In 4 Oregon Vehicles Has Unfixed Recalls, featured on the Oregon Public Broadcasting website

As summer approaches, many Oregonians may be considering a road trip. But it’s somewhat disconcerting to know that 1 in 4 vehicles has an unfixed manufacturer’s recall.  This summer, 377,000 cars will be driving around Portland with open recalls…

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Recall Masters Referenced on CBS Baltimore

May 10, 2017 – More Than 500K Recalled Cars Cruising In Maryland featured on CBS Baltimore

Feature in The Baltimore Sun

More than 550,000 recalled cars are on Baltimore’s roads, new search tool says – featured on The Baltimore Sun website

More than 550,000 recalled vehicles remain on Baltimore’s roads, many of them because owners don’t know where to find recall information, according to MotorSafety.org.  The website, which aggregates news articles about vehicle recalls, has launched a tool that allows owners to check their vehicle recall status by vehicle identification number, or VIN.  If the vehicle in question is in recall, the website directs the owner to a certified dealer…

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Feature on Insurance Website

“Safety Recalls in the Sharing Economy: Should You Be Worried?” article featured in TheZebra.com website

If you have a new car, or a new baby (with the accompanying new-baby gear), or a new fancy appliance, you might have signed up online or mailed back a form asking to be notified in the event of a product recall – or maybe not, they’re easy to miss. But either way, at least you’re the one in…

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Recall Masters Featured on ABC Phoenix

May 2, 2017 – 902,000 Recalled Cars Still on Valley Roads article featured on KNXV ABC Phoenix

Feature on Legal Website

“New Tech Enhances Tracking of Owners of Recalled Vehicles” article featured in Personal Injury Lawyers of San Diego

When there’s a problem with a car, the manufacturer may issue a recall notice so that vehicle owners can take their car to a dealership to have the issue fixed. But this method may not always work. It’s very possible that the owner of the car may lose contact with the dealership especially in cases where the original owner of the car sells it to another buyer. Dealers simply don’t know how to contact the new owners. Fortunately, there’s a company named Recall Masters.

Read the whole May 2, 2017 feature on the Personal Injury Lawyers of San Diego website.  

Feature in Deer Valley Times

Phoenix Is in a Recall Crisis: Here’s What You Can Do

There’s a crisis in Phoenix that nobody’s talking about. You encounter it every day, on every morning commute.  Consider this:  902,000 recalled cars are still on Phoenix’s roads.  Think about that. There are hundreds of thousands of potentially unsafe cars on the roads every day that have the power to hurt you, your family, and other drivers around you. And it’s all because information about recalls is decentralized, unorganized, and notoriously difficult to find.

Read the whole May 1, 2017 feature on the Deer Valley Times website .  

Recall Masters Featured on AutoSuccess

April 20, 2017 interview of Chris Miller on the impact of recalls on the dealership – AutoSuccess Podcast  

Recall Masters Featured on WIOD Miami

April 13, 2017 interview of Chris Miller on recall crisis in South Florida on WIOD-AM Radio Miami 

Recall Masters Featured on Good Day Alabama

April 12, 2017 feature on recalls with Chris Miller on FOX Birmingham – Good Day Alabama

UBER and Lyft Recalls Featured on KGAN

April 7, 2017 report from KGAN CBS Channel 2 from Cedar Rapids, IA .   

Recall Masters Featured on KCRB Radio Show

April 6, 2017 report from KCRB Radio, North Bay, CA .   Interview of Chris Miller.

Recall Masters Featured on The Gary Rivers Show

March 28, 2017 report from WHBC 1480 Canton, OH .   Interview of Chris Miller.

MotorSafety.org Featured on Cleveland 19 News

April 2, 2017 report from Cleveland 19 News .   406,000 Cars in the Cleveland Metro Area Have Open Recalls

Feature in Milwaukee Courier

Vehicle Recalls are a Gamble Not Worth Risking

There are 311,000 recalled cars on Milwaukee roads, said Recall Masters Co-Founder Chris Miller, and your car could be one of those.

One out of three car are unaware of their car’s recall and this is because car dealerships lose contact with the owner, he said. December of 2014 is when Miller launched his own website—www.recallmasters.com—to help drivers be more aware of their car and its potential issues. “We try to catch these problems early on,” Miller said.

Read the whole April 1 feature on the Milwaukee Courier website .  

Feature in Auto Remarketing

How California is responding to defective airbags

LOS ANGELES – Here’s a statistic that might startle auctions and dealerships in the Golden State and beyond.

Southern California leads the nation in fatalities caused by defective airbags, according to Airbag Recall: Southern California, a group that comprises community organizations, public interest groups, private companies, elected officials, faith communities and other concerned parties unified in the effort to raise consumer awareness about the ongoing airbag inflator recall.

Read the whole March 28 feature on Auto Remarketing website .  

Feature in Entrepreneur.com

This Company Uses Machine Learning to Find Owners of Recalled Cars
Recall Masters was founded by a veteran programmer with $500,000 of his own money. Now it’s seeking a valuation of more than $40 million.  

When a car company issues a recall, it’s typically on dealerships to reach out to affected customers. But since vehicles can change hands, leaving records out of date, dealers aren’t always able to provide drivers with this at times vital information.  One company that addresses this issue is Recall Masters, founded by programmer Chris Miller.

Read the whole March 15 feature on Entrepreneur.com .  

AutoNetwork.com Interviews Recall Masters’ Christopher Miller

March 2, 2017 report from AutoNetwork.com .  The Recall Masters segment begins at 5:50 and ends at 49:10.

Recalled Uber, Lyft Cars Could Pose Safety Risk

February 28, 2017 report from WFLA News Channel 8 

Press Releases/Select Media Highlights/Blog Features

Why are Consumers So Ambivalent About Bringing Recalled Vehicles into Your Dealership?

May 2, 2017 Blog – There are currently more than 63 million recalled vehicles still on US roads and highways, which is surprising when you consider that recall repairs are at no cost to the consumer. So, why are consumers so apprehensive about bringing you their recalled vehicles? Do consumers hate going to the dealership that much?…

Is a Reasonable Consumer Expectation Too Much to Ask?

April 7, 2017 Blog – Imagine feeling ill enough to visit the local hospital. Most of us identify the hospital as the one place that has the combination of diagnostic technology, patient history, the knowledge and the skilled clinicians in one location. In order for physicians to accurately diagnose your…

Driver Liability May Soon Steer Uber/Lyft Drivers Away from Recalled Vehicles

March 23, 2017 Blog – The popularity of transportation networks such as Uber and Lyft has increased vehicle purchase demand by their contracted drivers. These services come with strict vehicle ownership requirements for their drivers, which often motivates a new or used vehicle purchase.  Uber and Lyft…

What Happens When Recalls Start Influencing Buyers?

March 10, 2017 Blog – With the massive onslaught of vehicle recalls it is pretty much guaranteed that all parties involved are paying attention. Today that ranges from consumers to OEMs to dealers to insurance companies; and tomorrow that will soon include rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft…

Can Your Used Car Buyers Trust You?

February 27, 2017 Blog – Consumers have plenty of choices when it comes time to buy a used car – private sellers, independent used car lots and, of course, franchise dealerships. Each have their pros and cons, ranging from price, to quality, to reliability and safety. The one edge franchise dealerships may have over all other options is that consumers, in general, believe that a used vehicle at a franchise dealership has been inspected, is of good quality and will be safe…

Recall Masters Partnership: ProMax Unlimited Releases New Vehicle Recall Feature

February 22, 2017 Press Release – Davenport, IA–

Dealer Marketing Services, Inc., the makers of ProMax Unlimited announced today the release of Vehicle Recall, a new feature available within the ProMax platform. Vehicle Recall enables ProMax users to view open recall data on individual vehicles based on their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). “Vehicle Recall gives….

February 16, 2017 report from ABC St. Louis News. 63 Million Vehicles on the Road Have Unchecked Recalls.

Why Recalls Won’t Ever Go Away – Part 2

February 9, 2017 Blog – In my last blog, I shared some reasons why dealers need to prepare for a constant flow of recall repair work for a long time to come. In this second part, I’d like to lend some further insight as to why savvy and responsible auto dealerships need to develop a strategy for recall repairs. I could not fit them into the first blog without it becoming a bit of a book. So here you go!…

February 1, 2017 interview on KRLD 1080 Dallas report.  The Recall Crisis in Dallas, TX and Across this Nation.

Safety Hazard SaaS for Auto Industry Tracks Millions of Cars Under Recall on the Roads

January 27, 2017 Article on EnterpriseTech.com – On the roads today are tens of millions of cars – including yours, possibly – that are ticking time bombs.  Since the year 2000, Americans have driven some 63 million cars that were, or still are, in “open recall,” meaning they have an unrepaired manufacturing defect. Beyond posing a public safety hazard, one would think the auto industry and auto sellers, as a matter of public relations and customer loyalty strategy, would do more to assist their customers than send them a recall notice in the…

Why Recalls Won’t Ever Go Away – Part 1

January 18, 2017 Blog – Recalls have reached epidemic levels and stretch the resources of everyone involved – dealers, manufacturers and parts suppliers – as well as the patience of consumers faced with a recall, or who contemplate the purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle. While it may be tempting to imagine a world where recalls aren’t such a burden to dealers and customers, the fact is, recalls are here to stay…

A New Year’s Resolution to Service Consumers

January 4, 2017 Blog – As we make our New Year’s resolutions and reflect on 2016, which was a less than perfect year for our industry, filled with recalls and declining consumer confidence due to lack of parts availability to quickly fix these recalls, I thought it may be a good time to look ahead to 2017. In that spirit, I’d like to offer some simple…

When it Comes to Recalls, What is Legal may also Leave You Liable

December 16, 2016 Blog – In a past blog, I discussed how AutoNation instituted a policy to not wholesale or retail any vehicles with open recalls until they were repaired. Sadly, as recently reported by Automotive News, AutoNation’s efforts have met with tough consequences, including 6,000 grounded vehicles with “no parts in sight,” according to AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson. Jackson feels…

Recalls: Let’s Show a United Front in Solving this Problem

November 23, 2016 Blog – While it is still legal to sell pre-owned vehicles with open recalls, the National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration has advocated that these vehicles not be sold — Similar to how it is illegal for auto dealers to sell new cars, or for any rental car agency to rent vehicles with open recalls. The issue is still being debated, yet, at the moment, pre-owned…

Florida Dealer Takes Stand Against Recalls

November 9, 2016 Blog – San Francisco, CA– One dealer in Florida is taking a stand to ensure that pre-owned vehicles with open recalls never hit the streets. When the Takata airbag crisis first reared its ugly head, Earl Stewart of Earl Stewart Toyota, started informing customers of in-stock vehicles with open recalls by clearly marking them with…

Recall Masters to Present and Exhibit at Two Influential Automotive Conferences in Las Vegas

November 1, 2016 Press Release – San Francisco, CA– Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced that, due to high market demand from and many auto dealer questions about workable solutions for the current recall crisis, it will attend two upcoming Fixed Ops conferences in Las Vegas, NV, this November. Recall Masters will be present at the Fixed Ops Magazine…

Recall Masters Sponsors Auto Rental Summit

October 3, 2016 Press Release – San Francisco, CA– Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced it is a Platinum Sponsor of the Auto Rental Summit, the premium educational training conference for auto rental companies, October 24-25, 2016 at the B Resort & Spa, Lake Buena Vista, FL…

Recall Masters Integrates with Auto Rental Systems Cloud-Based Loaner Car Management System

August 23, 2016 Press Release – Laguna Hills, CA– Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced an integration with Auto Rental Systems (ARS) cloud-based loaner car management system, a 100 percent web-based system that allows automotive dealers to manage their loaner/rental car fleets…

Auctions and Recalls: Swimming with Sharks

August 15, 2016 Blog – The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” has become a cultural phenomenon in our country. Sharks are relatively mysterious and most people don’t know much about them. Cars are very similar in nature. We know that we need them and which ones are cool, but most people don’t really know how they work. And not only that, as one in six vehicles on the road has open recalls unrepaired, these vehicles can present even…

Recall Masters adds Don’t Drive” & Stop Sale Recall Tracking

Recall Masters adds “Don’t Drive” & “Stop Sale” Recall Tracking to its Software System

Laguna Hills, CA– July 25, 2016Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced that it has added “Don’t Drive” and “Stop Sale” recall tracking into its software system and is the first software company to digitize this data into its SaaS API and batch processing platforms.

Fixed Ops Magazine Article: The Recall Conundrum – Non-Compliance Leaves Your Dealership at Risk

July/August 2016 Issue – Christopher Miller, CEO of Recall Masters, Inc., provides great insight to dealers on the subject of recalls.  As a editorial contributor, Miller reaches out to the readership at Fixed Ops Magazine, one of the most respected publications in the automotive industry.  The article expands on the liability recalled vehicles pose to dealerships, not only in new car sales, but also within their pre-owned inventory and even through the service drive.

Recall Masters to present at DD21

Recall Masters’ Christopher Miller to Present “Rein in the Recall Revolution” at Digital Dealer 21

Laguna Hills, CA– July 20, 2016Recall Masters, Inc., the leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communications, today announced that company President, Christopher Miller, has been selected to speak at the 21st Digital Dealer Convention and Expo ,  August 8-10, 2016 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. His presentation….

How Due Diligence with Recalls Can Pay Dividends

Laguna Hills, CA – July 7, 2016

In my past few blogs, I discussed the various areas in a dealership that are affected by the current recall epidemic, compared the differing viewpoints about recall repairs from dealers and consumers, discussed non-compliance in recall repairs on new and pre-owned cars and how that could open liability concerns for dealers. I also covered….

Dangerous Recalls May be Leaving your Service Lane Unrepaired

Laguna Hills, CA – June 24, 2016

In my last few blogs, I’ve discussed how to handle recall customers and why dealers should embrace them rather than be afraid of them. We’ve also reviewed new and used car recalls, along with the applicable laws and consequences for any failure to comply. The one area I haven’t yet discussed is recalls in your service drive. Sure, you have…

Making Fans of Recall Customers: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Laguna Hills, CA – May 26, 2016

The subject of recalls has provided plenty of fodder for some in the media. Certainly, vehicle recalls are an explosive issue that places dealerships on the front lines of consumer anger and frustration. At the same time, dealers are also positioned to resolve the…

AutoLoop Partners with Recall Masters to Revolutionize Vehicle Repairs


AutoLoop, LLC, a leading provider of auto industry marketing and customer relationship management solutions that successfully drive the Sell, Service, Repeat cycle, today announced a new partnership with Recall Masters, Inc…

Recalls and Marketing Bad News

San Francisco, CA – April 19, 2016

One of the largest pain points with recalls is completion percentages. In many cases, it’s not by any fault of the manufacturer or dealer that the recall repair compliance percentages are low.  Recall repairs can be hindered by parts availability, procrastinating or apathetic …

Recall Masters Appoints Dan Beres as Chief Operating Officer

San Francisco, CA – March 21, 2016

Recall Masters, Inc., a leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training, and communication today announced the appointment of Dan Beres as Chief Operating Officer. Beres will oversee the company’s …

Recall Masters Becomes One Stop Shop for Auto Dealer Recall Communication Services

San Francisco, CA – January 26, 2016

Recall Masters, Inc., a leading provider of automotive recall data, services and communications, today announced the addition of several powerful new features to its fully-inclusive Recall Communication Services. These additions ensure dealers better identify and communicate with existing…

Recall Masters Launches New Website: A One-Stop Source of Automotive Recall News, Data, Training and Communications

San Francisco, CA – November 24, 2015

Recall Masters, Inc., a leading provider of automotive recall news, data, training and communications, today announced the launch of a brand new website for the automotive industry. The company recently expanded its solution to multiple automotive businesses, including automakers, factory authorized dealers, pre-owned car dealers, fleet operators…

Service Drive Magazine – Today’s Owner of A Recalled Vehicle Can be Tomorrow’s Happy Service or Sales Customer

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2015

Make the owner of a recalled vehicle a permanent service customer – read the article on recalls featured in Service Drive Magazine.

Calming Them Down or Revving Them Up – Two Approaches To Getting More Vehicle Recall Customers Into Your Service Drive

San Francisco, CA – August 7, 2015

How to get more vehicle recall customers into your service drive – read the article on recalls featured in Fixed Ops Magazine.

Recall Masters Launches New Automotive Recall Marketing Platform

San Francisco, CA – August 2, 2015

Recall Masters, Inc., today announced the launch of a revolutionary new platform that combines the most comprehensive recall information source available with the most complete recall marketing program for automakers and their dealers. Recall Masters helps dealers attract new customers and drive more sales and service revenue from vehicle owners motivated to…

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