Automakers can strengthen the value of their brand by helping factory authorized dealers reach out to consumers in support of repairing potentially unsafe vehicles and by making it easy for consumers to verify recalls online and book a service appointment at a local dealership. OEMs can help dealers establish or renew relationships with vehicle owners that can increase sales and service revenue and develop customers for life.

 OEM/Dealer Co-op Recall Program
  • OEM branded USPS First Class direct mail recall reminder
  • OEM compliant dealer VIN assignment based on customer visits to dealer in the last six months; Exclusive assignment of all other VINs by zip code
  • Recall Masters Academy helps dealers establish a “Recall Department” and coordinate service, sales, parts and BDC personnel
  • Toll free dedicated phone number with call recording and tracking
  • Recall Summary Report
  • Vehicle Owner Report
  • Recall Lookup
    • Batch Upload checks all VINs in inventory
    • Real-time API allows consumers to check their vehicle for recalls via the dealer’s web site
  • Technical action direct mail reminders
  • Online consolidated dealer monthly invoice and payment

Consumer Online Recall Lookup and Dealer Referral

  • Recall Lookup allows consumers to check their vehicle for recalls online
  • Recommend vehicle repair from local dealer by zip code
  • Send dealer consumer recall service appointment lead
  • Perform SEO for OEM recalls

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