This program is AWESOME, my CP is through the roof. They make it so convenient!  Recall Masters emails me, my parts lead and my BDC, which provides  5 to 6 days to make sure we have the parts and schedule through X-Time! I work on the MPIs and now I’m getting new and repeat customers!




Jason Salter
Service Manager
BMW of Montgomery

Sergio Perez 
Service and Parts Director
Northridge Toyota

Our team is so pleased with the performance of Recall Masters and their program.  Without quoting numbers, we’ve definitely seen an increase in consumer traffic to our store.  They do a phenomenal job teeing up customers for their experience here, which also includes a MPI.  This leads to increase CP work and higher customer satisfaction.  They know we’re looking out for their safety as well as helping them protect the value of their vehicle asset. The program does wonders to introduce our dealership to new customers as well as welcome back customers that we haven’t seen in more than a year.  The communications creates a sense of urgency for these consumers to have recall repairs completed.  In short, this program definitely works and I think every dealership would benefit from partnering with Recall Masters.

Park Avenue BMW tried several different approaches to reach customers with open safety recalls on their vehicles, but most were just not efficient and productive. We knew the number of BMWs out there with recalls, and assumed we would, in the least, reach a small percentage of them when we started working with Recall Masters. To our amazement, in just 60 days, Recall Masters achieved far beyond our expectations! We are repairing safety recalls for Inactive, Lost and New Clients! We even forwarded a few of them to our sales team and they were able to help these customers get into brand new BMWs! The Recall Masters team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Betul Ayvedi
Client Services
Park Avenue BMW




Matt Krappé
Service Director
Herb Chambers BMW

The results we’ve seen from Recall Masters in the first 90 days has exceeded our expectations! Recall Masters has increased our Service and Parts Revenue by delivering New and Lost customers that have open-safety recalls on their BMW’s. This gives my Fixed-Ops Team the opportunity to demonstrate that their safety is our top priority and provide them with the very best Service Experience that Herb Chambers has to offer. Recall Masters has proven to be an extremely valuable partner and I highly recommend them.

And later in 2019, Matt offered more praise:

Recall Masters delivered!  We achieved our Service Effectiveness Goal for 2019 which is great news, but there is much more to it than that. Our Service Effectiveness actually jumped 3 points, which was the biggest increase in the country for BMW Centers.  Recall Masters helped make that happen!

The Recall Masters program is providing us with an opportunity to service lost, inactive and new customers by addressing their safety needs first.  Then it’s our job to turn them into life-long customers of BMW of Watertown. Recall Masters has been very responsive and attentive to the input and feedback that we have provided. The program has exceeded our expectations after just 60 days. Frankly, dealers would be crazy not to use Recall Masters!

Walter Modeen
Service Manager
BMW of Watertown
Hoffman Auto Group

Carlos Perez
Service Manager
Koeppel Mazda

Working with Recall Masters was actually an easy transition – like a flip of the switch.  What’s happening here is that Recall Masters is contributing to an integration on customer to dealer by gaining access to our scheduled time through Xtime. So not only is the customer able to speak to someone about the recall, Recall Masters is answering every question that the customer has and, at the same time, scheduling the appointment without interrupting the service department. It’s become seamless and flawless.

Jack Saneman
Fixed Operations Director

Priority 1 Automotive Group

Recall Masters has exceeded our expectations at both BMW Rockville and BMW Towson. To date, they have scheduled more than 370 appointments with many first-time customers. Xtime integration makes the appointment process seamless. Their staff has set customers’ expectations so that we have had no issues with customers meeting their appointment needs. I highly recommend using Recall Masters. We are currently getting ready to sign up our Acura and Audi stores on their program.

The response rate that the Recall Masters program has generated in the first 2 months has been absolutely amazing! We are thrilled with how successful Recall Masters has been at scheduling service appointments with BMW owners who have open recall campaigns on their vehicles. Our General Manager Bill Finsilver and I audited the Recall Masters results and determined that 100% of the people that made service appointments with Recall Masters showed up at our Service Center as scheduled to get their recall repaired. In short, the Recall Masters program has totally exceeded our expectations!

Barry Fleischman
Service Manager
BMW of Bloomfield

Mike Schwaner

Fixed Operations Director

Supreme Automotive Group

Customer retention is a major initiative for our stores.  With competing dealerships and independent repair shops, it’s a daily challenge to find new customers and keep them over time.  Recall Masters has really helped us reach out to customers who haven’t been to our dealership in a long time, as well as bring in new customers who weren’t getting the kind or service and attention from competing dealerships and independent repair shops.  Simply stated, these are consumers that would probably never service their vehicle with us if it were not for the effort of Recall Masters.  The best part is that we’re not having to allocate any new staff to the effort – Recall Masters takes care of it all.  They notify the customer, invest tons of time walking them through the recall and even schedule the appointment.  We’re focused on doing what we do best – and that’s servicing vehicles.  There’s just no way we could build an efficient recall department without their leadership.  My hat’s off to the team at Recall Masters for delivering a turnkey solution that helps us stand out amongst the competition.

We are very happy with the Recall Masters program. Previously, we partnered with another vendor to seek out new and lapsed customers to increase our CP revenue. The reports they provided us showed an increase in business, but upon review we found that a majority were our existing customers that were simply coming in to redeem massively discounted service. Since converting to Recall Masters, we saw a significant increase in “non-discounted” traffic within less than 2 months. It was measurable by RO counts, total income, and just seeing the appointments coming through our scheduling program. We have had terrific ROI ever since, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Recall Masters going forward.

Kurt S. Sauer

Service Director
Scott Mazda Volvo

Ryan Valadao

Service Manager

Balise Toyota of Warwick

Recall Masters makes everything so seamless!  The call center makes the recall appointment with the customer and sets the proper expectations, and we take care of the rest. They also continue to provide us with the opportunity to service lost, inactive and new customers by addressing their safety needs first. It is a WIN – WIN!

William L. Mecham
Service Director

Brickell Buick GMC Mazda

“Working with Recall Masters has been an effortless experience – they set the standard for “Turn Key” vendor. Their remarkable efforts in locating our clients with Open Recalls in our market sets us apart. The increases in $ per RO and the very unexpected increase in CP work has provided YOY increases in the high double digits. And when you factor in the New Car Sales from their efforts, well, it’s almost too good to be true.”

Ryan Sokoloff

Service Director
Susquehanna CDJR

We’re impressed with Recall Masters’ ability to find recalled vehicles that are sitting on neighboring independent lots. The Market Smart Report helps us connect with brand new independent lots that may not be aware of the recalled vehicles. We’re establishing relationships with the independents and it is providing additional revenue. We’re selling more parts and securing more repair business. We found a need to hire another mobile tech to handle the added business. The mobile techs use the report to plan their daily and weekly route for efficiency. These are the kinds of tools that address real-world conditions a Service Department face.

Recall Masters has been an outstanding addition to our dealership. In addition to excellent service and support, they have had a tremendous impact on revenue and demonstrated how valuable recalls are to meeting our goals. We’re getting reconnected to customers we’ve lost contact with and reaching new customers – more than a third of our recall traffic comes from consumers we would have never found without Recall Masters. And, once they have the recall repaired, 89% of these customers return for additional service – a huge win for customer retention. Every single day, we see their hard work translate into increased warranty and customer pay revenue and a significant bump in average RO amounts and vehicles sales. We’re amazed at the results and can’t imagine having the kind of success we’ve had without a partner like Recall Masters.

Mike Both

Service Manager
Nissan of Turnersville

Rick Stubblebine
Service Manager

Piazza Hyundai of Pottstown

“Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the results that we’ve generated from Recall Masters. We’re connecting with new and lost customers like never before.  As an example, over 40% of our Recall Traffic came from Lost and Prospect customers that we would have never seen without the Recall Masters Program…  I can’t say enough nice things about the entire Customer Service Team at Recall Masters and what they’ve done for us!

Recall Masters has done a great job with attracting new service activity without discounting services. That’s a big contributor to their success and why I’m so appreciative of the program. We have a busy service department, so I’m always reviewing bay activity and revenue to make sure that we’re investing our time and marketing dollars wisely. It’s hard to find new customers without inviting them into the dealership with deep discounts, which is a shaky foundation for ongoing loyalty. Rather, with Recall Masters, we’ve been able to demonstrate to customers that we can attend to their recall efficiently and identify other services that can preserve the value and performance of their Ford. These are opportunities that might have gone to a competitor or to an independent shop, at a time when they would be more expensive to the consumer. The staff has really embraced the recalls, knowing that we’re driving more traffic to our store while also protecting our brand. Everyone wins!

Kenny McDow

Ford Service Director
Supreme Ford of Slidell

Lance Tamburo

Nissan Service Director
Supreme Nissan of Slidell

We’ve only been on the Recall Masters’ program for a couple of quarters, but we’ve already seen some phenomenal results. Our customers and our community rely on our dealership for outstanding sales and service – and that includes being there for them when there’s a recall. I’ve always felt that we did a good job with recalls and taking care of our customers, but, when I saw the kinds of activity that came out of our Recall Masters effort, I realized that there is a whole different tier of expertise and resources that we just did not have. We’re now connecting with new customers and getting reacquainted with lost customers in numbers that I’ve never imagined we’d achieve. There’s just no replacing this type of activity and the unique solutions tailored to this particular type of customer. Sure, nice to see the significant bump in revenue, but it’s helped us remain focused on the bigger mission – taking care of our customers. Recall Masters had delivered well beyond my expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Ravin Perry
Service Manager

Richmond BMW of Midlothian

“Recall Masters is “non intrusive” to our service department, as they schedule the appointments right into our Xtime, otherwise send the customer right to the store . It doesn’t take time and attention away from our staff. ”

Rick Stubblebine

Service Manager

Piazza Hyundai of Pottstown

Amazing! That’s the only way I can describe the results that we’ve generated from Recall Masters. We’re connecting with new and lost customers like never before. As an example, over 40% of our Recall Traffic came from Lost and Prospect customers that we would have never seen without the Recall Masters Program. And Recalls are just the means to opening the door for other revenue opportunities with new and existing customers. More than 50% of the total revenue we realized from Recall Repair Orders was generated from Customer Pay work. And the success doesn’t stop there. Many of the recall customers were in search of a new vehicle. In fact, 64% of the new vehicles that we sold to the Recalled Vehicle Owners were purchased by Lost Customers and Prospects, so those vehicle sales can be directly attributed to our Recall Campaign. I can’t say enough nice things about the entire Customer Service Team at Recall Masters and what they’ve done for us!

Again, you have been very helpful with the whole process and making sure everything is running smoothly. As I said to you earlier, this has been the best outcome we had with outside companies making recall appointments for our dealer and I thank you for that.

Kim Wright

Service Department
Paul Miller BMW

Tony Circelli

Fixed Ops Director
BMW of Ramsey

We started with Recall Masters 60 days ago and we are seeing lost customers we haven’t seen in over 2 years return to the dealership.  They delivered what they promised and I look forward re-signing with them when the BMW pilot is up. An outstanding organization to do business with.

I would like to personally thank you and your team for the outstanding job you have done with capturing recall customers and completing appointments. I would have never thought that it would be this successful right from the launch. This will help our service department with Service Effectiveness and most of all building relationships with inactive and conquest customers which is crucial to today’s business model.  Again a big thank you from myself and my entire team of technicians, advisors, receptionists, cashiers, valets and their family’s for the additional work that you have provided for us.

Rodrigo Lembo
Service Director
BMW of Norwood

Joseph P. Coleman

Fixed Operations Director
Knauz Automotive Group

I wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience I had during the installation process with Recall Masters. Mr. Van Simmons, your Recall Communications Strategist, was professional and helpful in presenting important information in our web meeting. Ms. Jenny Peters, your Client Services Manager, has been particularly helpful throughout our entire installation process. Her presentations were very informative and were presented in a highly professional manner. She seemed to truly care about making sure we understood all facets of our business relationship with Recall Masters. It was a pleasure to be treated in such a friendly and courteous manner. Ms. Peters is an excellent representative of your company. We all feel like we have a caring person to help us through the initial process, and someone who will be there whenever we have questions or issues. As you know, having a great product is only part of the story. Having the right person deliver the product is what separates you from your competition. Ms. Peters is the right person! We look forward to successful results in the future. Thank you!

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