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VettX Partners with Recall Masters to Identify Vehicles with Dangerous Recalls on its Platform

VettX Partners with Recall Masters to Identify Vehicles with Dangerous Recalls on its Platform

Auto dealerships and consumers now have additional layer of transparency to safeguard them from making uninformed acquisitions


Laguna Hills, CA, June 10, 2020 — Recall Masters, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of automotive recall solutions, today announced a partnership with VettX, an automotive industry software provider that enables auto dealerships to easily access and acquire vehicles for sale by private parties. The VettX platform connects auto dealerships to a massive inventory of vehicles that would otherwise be time-consuming to locate and purchase and helps dealers scan this high potential private market. The new partnership with Recall Masters should make VettX market analysis data even more effective

“We’re extremely pleased to include VettX among our list of automotive industry clients who want to safeguard consumers from dangerous recalls while helping dealerships acquire assets with complete transparency. This partnership further assists Recall Masters in its mission to safeguard the industry and consumers from dangerous recalls that pose a threat to all drivers and passengers on the road,” stated Christopher Miller, Recall Masters CEO. “Recall status can be difficult to find, especially when acquiring vehicles from the private market.  VettX can now detail recalls related to the specific VIN of the searched vehicle as part of its market analysis.”

VettX’s auto dealers are trained to navigate a list of ready to purchase private party vehicles available in their local markets. Each dealer is provided with a list of ready to buy vehicles that have been fully vetted by the VettX team. Vetted vehicles include details regarding vehicle condition, pricing information, and any potential open recalls. VettX’s call center then reaches out to each seller to ensure the vehicle is as they claim it to be and arranges for a dealership to purchase it. Armed with this information, dealers can make a quick, educated decision as to whether the vehicle makes business sense for them.

“Partnering with Recall Masters allows dealers to easily scan every vehicle VIN for sale in the private market and look for recalls. This information is vital to our dealership community who need to make quick decisions on whether to purchase a particular vehicle,” said Ryan Dietz, VettX CEO and Chief Technology Officer  “This integration is extremely helpful because it adds a secondary layer of asset protection to assist the buyer, making us one of the first private automotive market software platforms to compile recall data into the market analysis. In an industry where vehicle valuation, speed-to-market processes, and razor-thin margins dictate success or failure, this partnership gives our customers a tremendous advantage in the marketplace,” Dietz added.

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About VettX:

VettX offers an efficient way to source pre-owned inventory. Through its web-based software, clients have access to current private party vehicles available in proximity. VettX’s intelligent software automatically books out the vehicle and provides market analysis, enabling dealerships to make a quick, educated decision on the price that should be paid for the vehicle based on projected profit. To learn more about VettX software or ongoing software training call 530.228.1722, email info@vettx.com or visit: www.vettx.io

About Recall Masters:

Recall Masters is the leading provider of automotive recall solutions, using data, technology, and communications to connect dealerships and manufacturers with owners of affected vehicles. The company is dedicated to helping automakers and their dealers expedite the repair of recalled vehicles, making the roadways safer for everyone. Greater recall awareness and proactive recall management help automakers protect their brand and build trusting relationships between automotive dealers, rental car agencies, auto auctions, auto industry affiliates, and consumers alike. Recall Masters is a privately-held company based in Laguna Hills, CA.  For more information, please call 888.651.4480, email info@recallmasters.com or visit www.recallmasters.com.


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