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Since the start of 2014, there have been more than 100 million vehicle recalls in the United States of America.  That number is just shy of half of all vehicles on the road today.  And most of the affected cars have yet to be repaired.  In fact, our data indicates that 1 in 4 vehicles on US roads today has an open recall.  In fulfilling our mission of taking every unsafe car off the road, Recall Masters builds turnkey Recall Departments that yield tremendous benefits for dealerships all across the country.  You see, open recalls also present dealerships with a unique market opportunity to restore consumer confidence, grow sales and service revenue, drive up their dealership’s CSI and restore the brand’s integrity in the eyes of the consumer.  Let Recall Masters show you how.

Premier recall knowledge base

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive source of recall and vehicle owner information for most every major auto make. Use our online services to check for recalls on individual vehicles or all vehicles in your inventory.

Vehicle owner communications

We help automakers and their dealers achieve response rates to recall reminders up to 5X higher than direct mail alone by combining direct mail, email and phone contact.

Recall Masters Academy

Auto dealers can ensure recall campaign success using our program that provides best practices, tools and processes to ensure their entire staff maximizes profit and the opportunity to gain customers for life.

Recall Masters by the Numbers

50 +
Data sources
We partner with the leading data providers and conduct extensive digital forensics to match vehicles with open recalls and their current owners.
We maintain the most comprehensive source of recall information for most every automobile manufacturer.
5000 +
Unique recalls
We monitor an ever growing number of NHTSA-mandated and OEM safety recalls.
46 M
Recalled vehicles
We track recalled vehicles in the US since year 2000, many of which have multiple unperformed recalls.

A recent Automotive News report states that one in four vehicles for sale by CarMax has a safety recall that needs to be fixed.  A separate report by consumer advocate group the Center for Auto Safety places it at 27 percent.  Whatever the exact amount, the scandal has proven to be a black eye to the automotive giant CarMax.  According to the Automotive News article, CarMax isn’t authorized to complete recall repairs and close out recalls, the company stated that repairs are “based on the manufacturer’s relationship with its dealers and registered vehicle owners, and not with independent used auto retailers, like CarMax.”

“Our experience shows us customers are in the best position to act on recall information directly with a manufacturer-authorized dealer, ” the statement went on to disclose.  “We have found that dealers are often more likely to provide timely recall repair to customers rather than to a competitor like CarMax, so we encourage customers to have recalls repaired at a manufacturer-authorized facility.”…read the entire blogpost here.

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