Fleet Monitoring Services

Automated Inventory Protection from Safety-Related Recalls


For organizations that manage a fleet of vehicles, protecting assets are only eclipsed by securing the health and safety of employees, volunteers, contractors and others who drive one of these fleet vehicles.  And, while not every vehicle recall is safety related, all it takes is one tragic event – one vehicle, one missed recall notice, one lawsuit – to change all that.  Don’t wait for the inevitable!  With Recall Masters’ full suite of proprietary software and recall knowledge, managing your fleet is easier than ever.  Our comprehensive Fleet Monitoring Services provide multiple levels of recall protection while relieving fleet operators from the risk and time consuming tasks associated with ensuring vehicle safety.

Envision a solution that streamlines and automates the process of checking for safety-related recalls from every automaker across your entire fleet. Perform a daily check of all VINs to plan inventory availability and alert drivers who may be in possession of a recalled vehicle.  Recall Masters’ Fleet Monitoring Service has you covered with protection from the automotive industry’s foremost authority in vehicle recalls.

VIN-Specific Recall Check

  • Ensure drivers do not operate vehicles that pose a safety risk
  • Reduce liability with daily reporting
  • Safeguard your brand and your staff
  • Receive timely recall updates issued by manufacturers
  • Check for recalls before assigning inventory for resale


Recall Reporting & Alerts

  • Check recall status daily
  • View comprehensive details of every recall that applies to a specific VIN, not just a year/make/model range
  • Identify all open recalls scored by safety risk
  • Obtain “estimated repair time” and parts availability to plan vehicle “out of service” schedule
  • Track and manage new and previously identified recalls in inventory
  • Notify drivers if the vehicle in their possession has been recalled


Mobile App Recall Lookup

  • Discover recalls instantly on the lot
  • Save time with windshield VIN-scanning technology


Integrated and Standalone Service Delivery Options

  • Easily integrate with your existing fleet management system and mobile apps
  • Choose real-time API (individual VINs), FTP Batch upload (multiple VINs) or programmatic uploads via SFTP
  • Monitor batch processing status and recall reporting online

Fleet Managers: Let’s Get Started!

Recall Masters is proud to be the most comprehensive recall solution for fleet managers.  We recognize that every organization is different.  As such, there are unique fleet management needs across the enterprise – from technology, communication, integration, staff training, driver alerts and more.  Whatever the configuration, Recall Masters is ready to assist.  To review your fleet management needs, complete the contact form on this page or email Jim Schreitmueller at jim@recallmasters.com .

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