What can recall management do for your enterprise?

Without a doubt, our nation is amidst a recall crisis.  More than 1 in 4 vehicles on US roads and highways have an open recall. If your clients are relying on you to help them protect their drivers, preserve the value of their vehicle inventory/fleet, win the confidence of consumers or gain a competitive advantage, help is on the way.  With data integrated directly into your platform via the Recall Masters’ API, your solutions provide unique and valuable recall information. Let us show you how to seamlessly integrate our accurate vehicle recall data into your existing app, platform or workflow.

A Full Suite of Products to Fit Your Enterprise

Recall Masters API

Using our API, perform real-time recall discovery at every sales and service touchpoint during the customer lifecycle. Integrate our services within your existing business applications and workflow to perform one-time VIN Checks via our RESTful API Web Service. Regardless of the service utilized, the accepted input parameters and returned field names and data types remain the same across all services to provide lossless consistency across each service type.

Recall Communications

Drive traffic to your dealers utilizing the best in class recall data. We find on average 20% more opportunities than any other data provider. Recall Masters offers multiple touch points to achieve recall completions. We utilize Texting, Mailers, Online Chat, Emails, Website integration, and through our Recall Only call center, we answer all inbound calls and make scheduled outbound calls to achieve success. We also provide Data Only fulfillment for those that have the internal capabilities. Your customer can also promote the service in all their store advertising, including in-store displays and social media sites.

Inventory Monitoring / SMART Reports

Identify open recalls on new and pre-owned vehicles of any make. For continuous daily monitoring of VINs through our Batch Inventory/Fleet Monitoring Service, our SMART reports sort recalls in the order of repair based on parts availability, severity, and repair difficulty. Reports are only delivered when new recalls are issued, featuring same-day recall discovery. Help your customers reduce liability and exposure. Increase compliance, brand-integrity and consumer safety. Customers can also affix “Recall Free” Guarantee mirror hangers or stickers to consumer vehicles, inventory, rental cars or other fleet inventory promoting a commitment to automotive safety.

Trade-In, Wholesale, Auction Recall Check

Your customers can now batch process VINs from wholesalers or auction manifests before making an offer or placing their first bid. Use our mobile app to scan VIN barcodes and perform instant recall checks during trade-in appraisal or while at auctions. Avoid vehicles with severe recalls that are difficult to repair or lack parts availability.

Recall Check Integrated into Your Daily Workflow

Our Recall Check Service can be integrated into the existing software your customers already use every day. We have partnerships and integrations with the leading DMS, CRM, appointment scheduling, service lane, and inventory management software vendors. Inquire to learn more.

Recall Masters Mobile App

Scan VIN’s for real-time recall discovery. Trade-in, Recon, and Appraisal processes are more accurate when recalls are identified. Don’t buy another vehicle from auction or take one in on trade, when an open recall exists, and NO PARTS are available. Appraise accurately and put safe vehicles on your dealers lots.

Recall Masters offers a full suite of enterprise solutions for organizations looking to integrate recall data and information into their existing workflow. Providing your customers with critical recall information could not be easier when utilizing Recall Masters’ Software Services, which includes our API and other tools made available to your development team. It really doesn’t matter what your market offering is – if your customers interface with commercial and consumer vehicles, your solution is greatly enhanced by providing them with the most up-to-date and detailed recall information available on the market.

Just a Few of Our Partners and Enterprise Clients

Learn More About Enterprise Services from Recall Masters

Angela Ruthenberg

Recall Masters’ Enterprise Services team oversees strategic partnerships with organizations that span a number of industries.  If you’re organization can benefit from access to vehicle recall data or wants to join the effort to make our roads and highways safer, Recall Masters would like to talk to you.  It all begins with you reaching out using this form.  Thank you for your inquiry.

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