Reward Consumers for Attending to their Recall with Retention Gift Cards!

While recall repairs promote safety, not all consumers are pleased to be in your dealership.  Included in your program subscription, Recall Masters provides your dealership a limited amount of Retention Gift Cards to show your appreciation for attending to the recall and to apologize for the inconvenience.  The high-quality, completely customized card also drives additional CP revenue, as about 52% of all consumers use the gift card on their first visit as part of a comprehensive MPI process.  Encourage your service advisors to use them to deescalate tense interactions or to reduce service declines.  Every recall is an opportunity to help consumers protect their vehicle asset, especially those who have not serviced at an authorized dealership in some time.  Retention gift cards give those consumers a reason to service with your dealership again.  Don’t miss the opportunity.

For those looking to ride that wave of gift card success, Recall Masters introduces R+ gift card campaigns!  R+ requires an additional investment and is not a standard offering included with the Comprehensive Recall Management suite of services.  Read more below or visit the R+ page here.

In addition, Recall Masters offers R+, an array of gift card campaigns that target unique customer types, even those who do not have a recall.  Give customers and prospects a reason to visit your dealership with our personalized R+ Gift Card campaign, completely customized to drive traffic to your service and sales departments year round!  Let your customers and shoppers know that your dealership appreciates their business.  Recall Masters architects a unique campaign based on your dealership needs and budget.  A great way to:

  • Win Back Lost Customers
  • Save Recently Lapsed Customers
  • Invite New Customers to Visit Your Store

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 Delivering ROI for Toyota of Orange

Toyota of Orange is an outstanding dealership that thrives on delivering exceptional service, which makes them one of the most successful Toyota dealerships in the nation. It’s not just about “common” courtesy, but, rather, “UNcommon” courtesy that takes center stage whenever consumers come to their dealership. For the 2018 Spring Shopping Season, Toyota of Orange turned to Recall Masters to orchestrate a campaign that would help them retain their existing customers and appeal to lost customers who had not been back to the dealership in at least 12 months.

A $25 Gift Card for Toyota of Orange was mailed to 4,980 households first class and also included a supply for in-store use that the dealership staff could distribute at select times. The campaign targeted in-store customers and lost customers. Not surprisingly, the Toyota of Orange staff distributed the cards generously to customers who were looking to offset Service Department repair costs, came in for a test drive or upset about a particular experience.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves! There’s no question that the Toyota of Orange campaign transformed their approach to customer retention. The only outstanding question is what the program can do for your dealership. The results speak for themselves!

Campaign Response:

  • 46% Total Unique Response Rate
  • 14% of these Lost Customers came back
    for a second visit within 3 months

Service Revenue

  • $598,432 Service Revenue ($311,558 after $25 gift card discount)
  • 2,612 Total R.O.s (Warranty & C/P)
  • $85,216 Warranty
  • $513,216 Customer Pay
  • $229 Average RO Sales

Vehicle Sales Revenue

  • 73 Vehicle Sales
  • 48 vehicle sales to lost customers (12+ months)
  • 21 vehicle sales after first service
  • $109,500 Vehicle Sales Profit

* program results vary from dealer to dealer 

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