Locate Recalled Vehicles Sitting on Lots of Independent and Off-Brand Dealerships

The team at BMW brands them Used Car Reporting via their CenterNet dealer portal.  The dealers in Massachusettes call them Mahhhhket Smahhhht Repahhhhts.  Not really, but you get the idea.  Call them what you will.  To Recall Masters, they’re known as MarketSMART Reports – the fast track to locating all pre-owned vehicles by zip that are sitting on independent or off-brand dealerships.

Why Compete When You Can Partner with Local Dealers?: For your dealership, MarketSMART Reports are a map to ROs sitting as a troubled asset for a neighboring dealer who is not authorized to repair the recall.  In all likelihood, that dealer isn’t even aware of the recall.  It’s not only until you get access to Recall Masters data will you recognize that your pre-owned inventory of off-brand vehicles have a recall.  Drive revenue, save lives and protect your OEM brand in the secondary market with MarketSMART.  Not only will you take an unsafe car off the road, but you’ll partner with a local dealer who will thank your for protecting their assets by sending you additional vehicles.

Targeted Data, Optimized Results: You set the parameters – which makes, model year(s), which zips or radius distance and you’re all set!  In no time, a MarketSMART Report will be generated, providing you with the data to pursue the opportunity or pass on it.  Utilize your BDC team together with our proven call scripts to connect with the dealership and work out the details.  For those independents and off-brand dealerships that are reluctant to release the vehicle for repair, inquire whether they will share your contact info with the new owner.  Your relationship with that new owner starts before the car is even sold!

Mobile Repair – Go Where the Opportunity is At: If you haven’t already introduced mobile repair, you may want to reconsider.  Your dealership doesn’t need to unveil wrapped Sprinter vans and layers of complexity in order to capitalize on the mobile repair opportunity.  A technician with parts and tools – that’s all you need for recalls involving Takata airbags, software, electronic components and many others.  Not only can you isolate repairs that can be addressed away from your dealership, you expand that radius beyond where you might normally attract customers.  This is especially true of vehicles sitting on dealer lots.  Dealerships sometimes don’t want to let that recalled vehicle off the lot.  Expand your service parameters and revenue reach with MarketSMART.

Detailed Location Reports: The results from a MarketSMART report yield several data points that will help your dealership manage resources and opportunities.  Using the example parameters from the image above, there are 928 Toyotas within a 25 mile radius of the targeted zip code 01089.  You can see that number at the lower left hand of the dashboard.  We can also see counts within a particular zip code at the bottom left, as in the 2 vehicles within the 01095 zip code.  If a mobile repair appointment gets missed, you can use this data to locate another vehicle in the area and keep your mobile tech productive!

Sorting MarketSMART Data: Sort data by a variety of parameters, including number of recalls associated with each vehicle, risk factor, parts/remedy availability, reimbursement, description and more.  Determine how much opportunity you want to converge on based on your capacity and available resources.  What’s surprising to some franchises is that sister stores within their own group are also visible.  There’s money right in your own back yard – all you need is a MarketSMART Report.

Vehicle Swapping: You should now start to realize just how many recalled vehicles are sitting on neighboring lots.  And guess what?  They’re on your lot too!  As a client of Recall Masters, you’ll have access to Batch Uploading and Inventory Monitoring, which signal to you when a recall is announced on a vehicle sitting in your inventory.  If it’s your brand – great, repair it, receive the OEM reimbursement and sell it clean of recalls for a higher price than a similar vehicle with a recall on record.  But what if one of those vehicles is an off-brand that you took in on trade in?  It happens all the time.  You’ll not only fetch a lower price from a skeptical buyer, but you’ll also at risk for violating state product liability laws.  Partnerships to repair recalled inventory is a two-way street.  Work with neighboring franchise dealers to swap vehicles in need of repair – everyone wins!

MarketSMART Reports Summary

Recalled vehicles of your brand are sitting on independent dealership lots or at off-brand franchise dealerships waiting for you to service them.  Recall Masters’ MarketSMART Reports will identify where those recalled vehicles are, enabling your BDC team to proactively reach out to those dealerships.  In the name of vehicle safety and good business, it’s time for your dealership to establish a relationship with other dealers in your community.  Not only will you secure factory reimbursement for the repair, but you’ll also help those dealerships place a safe vehicle back on their lot and, eventually, in the hands of a grateful consumer.



Vehicle VIN: Use the Recall Check Mobile App to scan the VIN and match with the recalled vehicle VIN. The VIN will also enable to partnering dealer to prepare for repair, either on lot with a mobile repair team or via flatbed/tow.

Year/Make/Model: Certain vehicles of your brand are sought-after by shoppers who want to purchase only after a certified reconditioning process.  Here’s your chance to work with a partnering dealer to make that acquisition or to connect with a new owner who will need ongoing servicing from your dealership.

Recall Count: With the recall crisis in full swing, some vehicles contain more than one recall.  Here’s your chance to retrieve vehicles that represent a significant amount of reimbursement revenue.

NHTSA and/or OEM ID: The NHTSA website does not provide information on “voluntary” recalls.  Recall Masters data does.  Depending on how backlogged NHTSA is on investigations, the OEM service bulletins end up being the birthplace for future NHTSA recalls.  Off-brand dealers and independents will have no clue of the danger these vehicles pose.  

Recall Description: Most NHTSA vehicle recall descriptions are confusing to non-technical personnel.  Your BDC or dispatch team will be able to use the vehicle description to describe the defect as will as risk factor, helping convert more opportunities.

Remedy/Parts Availability: You can’t fix a recalled vehicle if there is no remedy or the parts aren’t available.  However, as an authorized OEM repair facility, you’ll have the inside lane on this vital data and be a resource for your partner dealers.

Reimbursement: Recall repairs are about driver and consumer safety, but it’s nice to know that your vigilance is rewarded financially.  In 49 state legislatures, recalls are to be reimbursed at retail rates for both parts and labor.  Make sure you are filing for annual rate adjustments to that recalls become a significant stream of revenue.

Dealer Contact Info: Who on this list is going to be your best source of revenue?  Some of them may already be familiar to you.  Having contact info allows your BDC or dispatch team quickly connect for prompt repair.

Dealer Location/Proximity: Of course, you set the radius and zip codes.  While most dealers are within an auto mall and within close proximity, some are not.  On any given day, as capacity allows, you can quickly scan of easy opportunities.

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