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Recall Masters develops solutions that help the automotive industry drive revenue and support retention above and beyond recalls through its R+ Premium solution. The customer acquisition and retention platform leverages best-in-class vehicle owner data to connect 2nd/3rd/4th generation owners – 3X more customers and prospects than what is visible to even the manufacturers. Repeat servicing is supported through a targeted retention card effort that broadens the reach to lost and lapsed customers before they defect. The turnkey, fully-integrated customer lifecycle management solution creates greater recall awareness and helps automakers protect their brand.

For OEMs and many dealerships, recall compliance is not only a priority for mitigating risk, but it’s also paramount for protecting the brand.  More than 1 in 4 vehicles on the road today have an open recall. While it’s a crisis for all consumers and the entire auto industry, it’s also an opportunity for dealerships to be a beacon of safety in their community. We’re proud to deliver results that:

  • Acquire First Time Customers
  • Increase Customer Pay Revenue
  • Increase New Vehicle Sales
  • Win Back Inactive Customers
  • Enhance Overall Service Retention
  • Save CSI & Preserve Brand Integrity
  • Supercharge Retention Efforts with R+ Premium

Explained: Our Proprietary Process for Recall Management

Recall & Vehicle Owner Intelligence

Our technology and knowledgebase make us #1. Trusted by the largest dealer groups and OEMs, our platform analyzes data from more than 50 sources to target strategic recall opportunities. Superior data enables you to service more customers better and faster and upsell more services and vehicle sales.

We Build Your Customized Recall Department

From a Call Center Hotline team that fields consumer inquiries and schedules service appointments to a Recall Department webpage that captures leads, our many innovative solutions are integrated into your existing processes in order to empower your staff and keep consumers connected to your dealership.

Multi-Channel Communications Services

Our ground-breaking, multi-touchpoint communications drive traffic to your dealership. Digital forensics technology identifies active recalls that were never completed. Target 3X more recalls than previously realized by tracking down current/secondary owners. Put OEM and NHTSA-compliant communications to work for you.

High-Engagement Retention Solutions

The data shows that if consumers service with you, there’s a 74% chance they’ll buy their next vehicle from you.  But your retention effort requires a real boost – it needs to convince consumers to take action.  With R+ Premium, RM engages consumers through recalls, then retains new and existing customers through our proprietary retention solutions.

The Results

Every dealership and market is different, but one outcome is consistent – ROI!  These results don’t come easy, as evident in other “recall” efforts that don’t employ digital forensics and multi-channel communications.  It’s one thing to uncover VINs with open recalls, and quite another driving customers into your dealership.

*Data updated 7/18/2024.  Results vary by OEM brand, dealership and market. 

Chris Geigle
General Manager
Smart Toyota of Quad Cities

“We were curious about the kind of performance that we would see out of the R+ retention campaign, as our store prides itself on already having great retention. We have seen slow growth in the past, but wanted to see how far we could push it and felt we needed something different. R+ gave us an opportunity to see if we could restore activity while reminding consumers of our quality servicing and great customer service. Today, vehicle owners have more servicing options, but we’re intent on preserving and protecting our customer base as well as to win back some who have defected to retail service centers. We are believers! We’re tracking 192 ROs a month with an average $335 RO amount on a $30 incentive card. Customers feel appreciated and are willing to spend 10X the card amount and more. Thank you Recall Masters! We can’t wait for our next campaign.”

Recall Masters by the Numbers

50 +

  Data Sources

We partner with leading data providers to conduct extensive digital forensics, which enables us to match vehicles with open recalls and their current owners.



We maintain the most comprehensive source of recall information for almost all makes and models on US roads and highways.

12000 +

  Unique Recalls

We monitor an ever-growing number of NHTSA- mandated and OEM safety recalls, along with voluntary recalls issued by the manufacturer.

78 +M


We track recalled vehicles in the United States going back to model year 2000, many of which have multiple unperformed recalls.

Consumers Are Looking for Your Dealership

Want to Know About the Opportunity Around Your Dealership?

Enterprise Services: Does Your B2B Platform Need Recall Data?

Recall Masters is looking to partner with all data and platform providers that serve car dealers, rental agencies, fleet management, rideshare services, food delivery providers, couriers and any other business that utilizes vehicles in the fulfillment of services.  If an accident or death occurs in a recalled vehicle while facilitating those operations, your client may be held partially liable.  There’s a better way – partnering with Recall Masters to serve up critical recall data within your platform.  Click here to learn more about our Enterprise Services division.

The market feels unsettled, but the US economy has yet to convincingly shift into a recessionary cycle.  That’s not to suggest that the average consumer doesn’t feel the impact of high inflation, shrinking personal savings, skyrocketing debt and crippling interest rates for loans.  Dealers clearly feel the brunt of a tightening economy, especially as it relates to new vehicle pricing, loan approvals and consumer debt-to-income ratios.  There’s no disguising it – we’re all feeling it, though consumer spending has been rather stable.  That’s about to change, as US consumers have stretched their finances to the breaking point and have no other choice but to curtail spending.  The tremors could force dealership service departments to audit pricing or face further defection and service declines.

Global economic indicators that the US economy is next in line.  In New Zealand, consumers are giving up spending at a rate that surpasses the downturn of the global financial crisis (GFC), and is close to passing that of the 1980s market crash, as the entire blogpost here..

Industry Leadership

Stay up to date and connected to all issues related to the automotive industry and associated recalls.  The Recall Rundown is the only monthly newsletter dedicated to automotive recalls and topics that pertain to recall management for dealerships and OEMs…  Click here to read the June 2024 Recall Rundown issue.

Recap of 2023: Recalls Return to Historic Numbers

A Deluge of Recalls, though Compliance Increases

Limited manufacturing and the supply chain crisis over the past two years gave way to a flood of recalls in 2023.  The continued proliferation of software and electronics in modern vehicles has also led to an overwhelming number of related recalls.  Familiar themes of airbag defects layered on top of battery fires makes 2023 one of the most dangerous ever recorded in recall history.

Read more and request a copy of the State of Recalls for 2023.

If you want to enhance the customer experience, you have to build a winning culture that also delivers for your employees.  Joining host, Sean Reyes, Recall Masters CMO, in the FixedOps think tank is Greg Noonan, CEO and Owner of Insight Media Enterprises and, more commonly known as the genius behind the MOPAR Customer Experience & Fixed Operations events alternating annually between Las Vegas and Orlando.  He’s probably best known for the brownies he bakes personally for vendors and guests at these events, but those delectable treats represent what Greg’s really all about – customer care and loyalty.  I’m excited to have him on the minicast because we’re going to talk a little about the MOPAR event in Las Vegas and what makes it so special for dealers, vendors and the factory…..  Click here to access archived espisodes of the FixedOps UX.

Has your inventory or fleet been recalled?

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