Recall Masters is the leading provider of automotive recall information, services and vehicle owner communications dedicated to helping automakers and their dealers expedite the repair of recalled vehicles and make the roadways safer for everyone. The result? Greater recall awareness helps automakers protect their brand and build trusting relationships between automotive dealers, rental car agencies, fleet operators, auto auctions and consumers.

We are a team that is fusing our unique automotive, data, software and direct marketing expertise to create the industry’s most comprehensive recall knowledge base and make it available through a myriad of digital SaaS, direct mail and telephony-based channels to benefit everyone in the automotive community. We go further and deeper than any company to provide the products and services that add value to our customers’ businesses. Like our proprietary recall scoring methodology that rates each recall based on five unique metrics to yield an overall score based on its level of safety risk to consumers and repair profitability to dealers. And our digital forensics process identifies open recall owners in a dealer’s service area, even if the vehicle has been resold multiple times. The aim of everything we do is to protect automotive businesses and consumers and help OEMs and dealers build lasting customer relationships.

Recall Masters is privately held and based in Laguna Hills, CA.  Contact us

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