Important Note:  In order to reach consumers by December 25, 2020 Orders for the Holiday Season closed November 20, 2020. 

After this date, campaigns will reflect “2021 New Year” messaging.

Celebrate old friendships and create new ones with a Holiday Gift Card Campaign!

Win back inactive customers this holiday season!  R+ will unleash a customized holiday gift card campaign to reinvigorate relationships with inactive customers, driving them back to your Service and Sales Departments.

Our “digital forensics” process scrubs your data to provide purified up-to-date vehicle ownership information, reducing waste and increasing market opportunity.  To secure gift cards in time for your promotion, please use the form at the bottom of this page and prepare to:

  • Win Back Lost Customers
  • Save Recently Lapsed Customers
  • Invite New Customers to Visit Your Store

Campaign Components

  • First-class 5”×7” enveloped mailer with gift card.
  • Four (4) emails: Announcement email followed up with 3 emails over campaign period.
  • ROI reporting (DMS access required)
  • One card per household, good toward any vehicle.
  • Minimum order quantity: 2,500
  • New or returning clients may be required to pay “Setup Fee”.
  • Does not include Call Center services – all inbound inquiries go to dealer.
  • Default card amount of $30, but the amount is up to you. You decide how big your gift will be!

Gift Card ROI: Toyota of Orange


The results? The numbers speak for themselves! There’s no question that the Toyota of Orange campaign transformed their approach to customer retention. The only outstanding question is what the program can do for your dealership. The results speak for themselves!

Campaign Response:

  • 46% Total Unique Response Rate
  • 14% of these Lost Customers came back
    for a second visit within 3 months

Service Revenue

  • $598,432 Service Revenue ($311,558 after $25 gift card discount)
  • 2,612 Total R.O.s (Warranty & C/P)
  • $85,216 Warranty
  • $513,216 Customer Pay
  • $229 Average RO Sales

Vehicle Sales Revenue

  • 73 Vehicle Sales
  • 48 vehicle sales to lost customers (12+ months)
  • 21 vehicle sales after first service
  • $109,500 Vehicle Sales Profit

* program results vary from dealer to dealer 

Get Started on Your Holiday Gift Card Campaign!

If you have any questions, feel free to use this form to connect with a Recall Masters representative

Submitting this form assumes that you are a Recall Masters client or a prospective client.  Your account will NOT be charged for any Gift Card materials until we can confirm your account status and that the request is coming from a dealer representative authorized to request the respective materials.   Gift Card solutions have a cost associated with them.  A client manager from Recall Masters will discuss the Gift Card configuration, design, costs and necessary details with you.  Thank you for your inquiry.

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