The Easiest Way to Monitor your Fleet for Recalls on a Daily Basis

Get FAST Act compliance that protects your brand, customers and bottom line.  With the enactment of the U.S. DOT’s NHTSA FAST Act, federal law prohibits most fleets from renting or selling vehicles with open recalls and triples the cap on civil penalties to $105 million. Compliance to federal law begins with Recall Masters’ full suite of proprietary software and recall knowledge, empowering successful rental car agencies.  Our comprehensive Fleet Monitoring Services provide multiple levels of recall protection for you and your customers while relieving fleet operators from the risk and time consuming tasks associated with ensuring regulatory compliance.

Envision a solution that streamlines and automates the process of checking for recalls from every automaker across your entire fleet. Perform a daily check of all VINs to plan inventory availability and alert renters who may be in possession of a recalled vehicle.  Check VINs at the time of rental, sale or lease to prevent releasing vehicles that have been recalled. Recall Masters’ Fleet Monitoring Service has you covered with protection from the automotive industry’s foremost authority in vehicle recalls.


What Can Recall Masters Do For You?

  • Comprehensive VIN-specific Recall Reporting
  • Real-Time Recall Lookup API for Individual VINs
  • Batch Upload Recall Lookup for Fleet VINs
  • Customer Notification of Recalled Vehicles
  • Solutions for Custom Apps/Integrations

As of June 1, 2016, the United States Department of Transportation’s NHTSA FAST Act is federal law, prohibiting most fleets from renting or selling vehicles with open recalls and triples the cap on civil penalties to $105 million.

Recall Lookup and Notification features

  • Real-time API allows you to check individual VINs for recalls online
  • Batch Upload automatically checks all VINs in your inventory everyday
  • Automatically contacts vehicle renters if their vehicle has been recalled
  • Recall Summary report provides notifications of recalls affecting vehicles in your fleet

The Origin of the FAST Act

The Houck Family Tragedy

In the summer of 2004, twin sisters Raechel and Jacqueline Houck of Santa Cruz died in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer semi truck.  Returning up the coast from visiting their mother, the sisters were unaware that the Chrysler PT Cruiser they had rented from the San Francisco-based Enterprise Rent-A-Car had an open recall.  After a five-year court battle, the jury awarded $15 million in damages to the Houck family, citing negligence on behalf of the rental car company.

This unfortunate tragedy also led to the passage of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act of 2015, which went into effect June 1, 2016.  Included in the law are clear provisions preventing a rental car agency from renting a vehicle with a known recall.

“When a family picks up a rental car on vacation, they should be able to expect it is free of any known safety defect,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement, calling the new law a “common-sense idea.”

While the rental car industry has subsequently supported the passage of the bill and pledged to implement new policies, fleet management and renter alerts for a growing list of recalled vehicles remains elusive in a competitive market, which has led to an innovative product release from Recall Masters.

The new Rental Car Fleet Monitoring Service from Recall Masters features daily alerts and instant recall discovery through Recall Masters’ API and batch processing engines. SMART Reports help rental car agencies expedite the identification and prioritization of grounding and repairing any recalled vehicles, minimizing downtime and maximizing consumer safety. The service is fully scalable. Rental car agencies of any size, from one location to major chains, now have a turnkey solution to check their entire fleet of vehicles for recalls across major brands.


Read the complete Press Release from Recall Masters, announcing the release of the Rental Car Fleet Monitoring Service

Read more about the Passage of the FAST Act on the ABC News website.

Safeguard Your Fleet & Remain Compliant with Federal Law

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