22 Mar

Will Customers Remember Important Recall Info?

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Strong communication during an auto recall can help vehicle owners truly understand how important a certain threat is. However, when it comes to a vehicle-related issue that only leads to a recall, are consumers going to remember important product information?

Kelley Blue Book recently released a survey showing a possibly disturbing lack of memory when it comes to vehicle hacks. Since this was the source of related Chrysler recalls, it suggests a lack of awareness among general consumers.

According to a press release, just 26 percent of 813 respondents could remember any instance of a vehicle being hacked within a year. At the same time, 42 percent of all survey subjects favor vehicles that are connected, and the number is even higher among Millennials.

Karl Brauer, a senior analyst for Kelly Blue Book, also mentioned the increasing danger of hacks that come with more connectivity. “Cars are becoming more connected every day, which means vehicle hacking is almost inevitable,” he said. “Automakers and government entities are beginning to take cyber threats seriously, but it will likely be a slow process in establishing connected car security standards for the industry.”

These findings come shortly after a public service announcement from the Department of Transportation, Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their statement urged owners to contact dealers or manufacturers as needed to determine if a hack has occurred, as well as review past recalls that may have affected them.

With strong recall marketing tactics, the target audience should have a clear idea of their next course of action after they receive the first communication. They should also feel that the dealer is genuinely concerned for their safety and not just reaching out automatically. An efficient plan may leave respondents more convinced of the urgency of the situation without driving them away.

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