17 Feb

Transparent Recalls Can Be Good for Dealer Business

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With a large amount of recalls putting pressure on dealers, cost-effective recall marketing choices will make it easier to satisfy customers and budgets alike. At the same time, owners need assurance that recalled vehicles are actually getting fixed: according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as quoted in this article from WPRI, a quarter of the vehicles recalled every year aren’t repaired.

“Enforcing transparency can be the better business move in the long run.”

This may mean that the dealer has an extra incentive to reach out to the owner effectively, proving that it can manage the necessary actions correctly. Further problems may arise if dealers aren’t clear in their communications with customers.

Even if the law technically allows a dealer to sell a car that is under recall, enforcing transparency can be the better business move in the long run, cementing customer loyalty and showing the public the dealer is vigilant.

In a Fixed Ops article from last year, Recall Masters’ Chris Miller discussed some of the benefits of being open with the consumer. By taking initiative with a recall, dealers have the chance to promote positive aspects of their business, such as the amenities of their waiting area, short repair times and possible discounts that could take some of the pain of the recall action away. Miller also added that dealers should assume some of their target owners are coming to the recall with no prior knowledge.

“Oblivious consumers don’t keep up with the news or read their mail,” he said. “They don’t know about the recalls. You need to reach out to all these consumers with a message that will break through their ennui, but not threaten them, and will make it as painless as possible to get their vehicle repaired.”

Address open recalls with communications from professional services that leave owners feeling positive about your business.

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