25 Jun

‘Recall fatigue’ is no reason to let up on proper actions

Washington, D.C. — June 25, 2015 — This blog has reported many times on ongoing recalls and the related actions they’ve prompted, especially in regards to the massive fallout from the Takata airbag recall. With manufacturers still addressing the problem through more recalls and adjustments, a new concern has emerged: recall fatigue. As the Associated Press uses it, this term refers to a percieved growing weariness within consumers brought on by the large amount of recalled vehicles and increasing number of statements.

Despite how tired owners may be of these announcements, the seriousness of the Takata situation still demands attention and proper action. The source mentions one Senator, John Thune of South Dakota, who recently said that successful recall actions have been made complicated because of the sheer enormity of this particular recall.

While maintaining the proper resources to address the recall effectively will remain an issue, the airbag manufacturer at least appears to be taking responsibility and seeking means of improvement. In a BBC article on the recall fatigue difficulties, Kevin Kennedy of Takata North America was quoted stating hope for making strides towards safer results in the future.

“We feel very confident in the inflators we are making today,” he said. “We will continue to do everything we can to ensure uncompromised safety for our customers and the success of the recall efforts.” the comments on this recall emerged in a recent congressional hearing, where Mark Rosekind of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called the agency’s current situation “overwhelming.”

Proper recall services will reduce staff stress and keep the consumer’s safety at the forefront, an important consideration even when recalls have been occurring at a high pace.

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