21 Apr

Recall Communication Service Helps Dealer Relationships

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Strong relationships are important during recalls in two ways: They help dealers trust their recall communications services, and they create a good link with customers. A good source of information is key to making this work, especially in the data-driven age. If dealerships have a firm grip on the most relevant recall data, they can use that information to deliver strong service.

Back in 1996, N. Craig Smith, Robert Thomas and John Quelch all called for strategy in recall management, specifically noting the importance of communication before, during and after the process. When the recall itself happens, companies can build off of the credibility they’ve already established with customers and get in touch with stakeholders quickly.

While a lot has changed in the past twenty years, the basic idea of making a strategic recall is still sound. Recall Masters has an updated solution for improving any dealer’s existing recall capabilities with smart, comprehensive Recall Communication Services. After working with us, dealerships have the plans ready for extensive customer support. Company President Chris Miller explained how our services differ from others in a press release from this January.

“This is not a program that we sell and then just walk away,” Miller said. “It’s about making sure our dealers become successful recall centers for their communities. We train, watch, monitor and constantly stay in touch with our dealers. Recall Masters becomes an extension of the dealership’s management to help keep performance at a high level.”

Recall marketing can enhance a dealership’s standing with customers, as businesses prove that they have what it takes to respond to a major problem. With a solid recall plan in place, recall notices will reach consumers on a set schedule.

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