29 Feb

Reach Out to Recalled Vehicle Owners Cars With the Right Information

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So much in recall marketing depends on getting the right information to owners. When there’s an action concerning a certain vehicle make and model year, proper communication can not only prevent bad customer decisions, but increase the dealer’s reputation as well. Given the millions of vehicles involved in massive actions like the Takata airbag recalls, dealers have extra incentive to be vigilant as new information arises.

Taking the lead is a key way to signal to users that the dealership really cares about the outcome. Some of the ways outfits distinguish themselves during a recall are as follows:
  • Go beyond the basic requirements: You might technically only be required to repair cars after the vehicle is sold, but you can still develop effective means of communicating recall data before the action itself takes place.
  • Schedule repair actions correctly: Once the dealership knows about pressing recalls, it’s crucial to start making them a reality with an efficient schedule. Identify all of the vehicles that fall within a certain recall and make the arrangements needed to address all of the current problems.
  • Use VINs: Vehicle Identification Numbers aren’t just valuable for consumers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Safecar resource lets you check up on specific models as you encourage buyers to do the same for themselves.

Recall Masters’ Chris Miller advised that dealerships can address consumer concerns even if they don’t have the means to start repairs immediately.

“If your service department doesn’t have the parts to do a recall repair, don’t write the customers off as lost opportunities,” he said. “Turn these prospects over to the sales team and devise a strategy to reach out to them.”

Recall marketing efforts can be an effective preventative measure, if dealerships have an effective strategy from the beginning.

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