21 Oct

Prepare to Help Turn Recalls into Superior Customer Service

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When a massive auto recall occurs, it may feel like dealerships have to work hard to keep customers on their side. Since there’s a problem with the product, the dealership is the one who has to interact with the owner to ensure that their needs are met and their vehicle is suitably repaired. In fact, these situations give dealers the chance to prove their worth and keep the owner engaged.

Approaching a recall as a chance to show strong service puts dealers in control and gives them a chance to demonstrate their superior response tactics. An example of this is the way dealers handle and keep track of relevant recall data, including arranging the latest information from manufacturers in order of what has the highest priority.

This can extend to the most recent developments in major ongoing actions. The Takata air bag recalls, for instance, currently account for more than 19 million US vehicles, according to the Wall Street Journal, but that number could grow as regulators investigate other manufacturers and demand change. Companies like Volvo, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz could be included in a new expansion of this recall as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration looks for further evidence of defective airbag inflators.

In an article for Fixed Ops, Recall Masters’ Chris Miller recommends using online resources to learn the latest about important recalls that affect your business.

“Most recalls are publicized via press releases from NHTSA and the OEMs weeks, or months, before the OEMs mail the individual owners notices,” he writes. “So, have your staff person go to Google Alerts and register to receive daily vehicle recall alerts. Enter the keywords, ‘US automotive recall, US vehicle recall.'”

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