07 Apr

NHTSA Data Gives Recall Marketers an Opportunity to Develop

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spent much of last year focusing on vehicle data to improve recalls. In a report looking at all its accomplishments in 2015, the organization acknowledged several advancements it made to incorporate vehicle data specifically. This was true both in cases involving specific manufacturers and in a more general sense, giving owners a better chance to track information.

Some of the highlights include the Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing, a single platform where owners and dealers alike can verify information from different databases. The NHTSA also added an analytics suite, the Corporate Information Factory, to improve its own defect detection rates. On the enforcement front, this report noted the efforts the Administration took to encourage Fiat Chrysler, GM and Takata to better conduct existing recalls.

In his article for an issue of last year’s Fixed Ops, Recall Masters’ Chris Miller discusses two approaches to auto recall marketing: either “calming them down” (assuring them that the recall will be taken care of), or “revving them up” (getting to them in the first place when they’re not already engaged).

With both of these cases, Miller notes the importance of researching the latest recall news so the dealership stays aware of the most recent trends. This includes paying attention to the latest developments from both the NHTSA and the manufacturer. Miller specifically calls for registering for daily Google alerts based on new recall actions.

Since the NHTSA spent 2015 putting an emphasis on accurate, updated information, dealerships have even more reason to use government resources to update their current campaigns. Master knowledge of open recalls to make marketing actions more effective and keep customers invested. Using the most recent information out there puts your agency at the forefront.

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