21 Apr

How can dealerships be more responsive to consumer needs?

Detroit, MI — April 21, 2015 — Responding to a recall successfully is important for dealers from a legal perspective, but also from a customer service one as well. Fixing problems with affected vehicles quickly is a sign that a dealer cares about their customer and will take pains to recognize them individually.

According to a recent survey from Accenture, many consumers around the world are trending more towards online service, which means dealers should recognize what it is about face-to-face owner interactions that needs to be improved.

While only 36 percent of the 10,000 survey respondents from different countries said that they already use online search channels to find a vehicle for purchase, more than half said that digital services in a car dealership are “appealing” to them. A similar number also said they “want information tailored to their needs” when they are looking for a car online.

However, while the online offerings were the most notable aspects of these findings, they also showed other things that help consumers connect with dealers. Special offers and discounts from dealerships appealed to 69 percent of respondents, while 68 percent said they would be more likely to purchase a car if a free oil change or maintenance package were included.

For organizations that want to engage the customer base more effectively, especially when a recall is imminent, focusing on online channels to reach them could be crucial. As long as the message gives the consumer clear directions and the sense that it has been “tailored” to address them personally, statements will have a greater effect and encourage the targets to take the announcement seriously. With an efficient recall system, dealers stand a better chance of spreading the word as necessary.

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