06 Jan

Engage Customers to Keep Fighting ‘Recall Fatigue’

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The overwhelming amount of large recent vehicle recalls has had some concerned with recall fatigue. A term used by politicians earlier this summer, this could still be a concern as major events like the Takata airbag recalls continue to play out. How can dealerships reach customers that are tired of hearing about recalls, especially if they want to turn the situation around and keep this person engaged with the business?

Just because owners have seen a lot of messages about recalls doesn’t mean they won’t be receptive to yours, as long as you frame it properly. Recall Masters’ Chris Miller discussed this topic in a piece for Fixed Ops from earlier this year, outlining some of the elements that go into an energizing recall campaign.

As Miller describes it, a good recall can grab the customer’s attention first with well-designed messages, then assure them that the recall is being handled in compliance with government regulations. After waiting a little bit, the dealership can then start promoting their services as a means of making the recall seem less daunting.

“Ten days after sending the first class mailing, and / or e-mail equivalent, have your BDC follow up with a well-scripted phone call – factual, not alarmist,” he writes. “Be sure you comply with National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry rules.”

Recall marketing has to respond to the current conditions on the market, and there’s the chance that numbers are going to grow. An infographic citing information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that more than 800 recalls were issued in 2014 alone, with nearly 64 million vehicles included.

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