28 Aug

Connecticut auto retailer accused of selling recalled cars

Connecticut — August 28, 2015 — A new report from Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation has found that the Connecticut auto dealer CarMax has been selling cars currently under recall for safety concerns, leaving a possible risk for customers. The source says this is particularly a problem because the dealer has not acknowledged the possible safety issues in its advertising.

The figures in the report center around two CarMax locations within Connecticut, one in East Haven, surveyed between July 9 and 10 of this year, and the other in Hartford, surveyed on August 12. According to this document, the two dealerships sold a combined 566 vehicles, 74 of which were subject to open safety recalls.

Among these, the reasons for the individual recalls varied wildly. Some of the different possible problems include malfunctioning airbags, overheating power window switches, broken seat rails and windshield wipers that don’t function correctly in the right circumstances. The report also includes a list of the make and model of these vehicles, which include autos from Ford, Hyundai and Chevrolet, among others.

“Due to parts shortages and shortages of qualified mechanics at new car dealerships, it may be weeks or months before someone who buys an unsafe recalled car can get it repaired,” the report reads. “CarMax’s advertising that all their vehicles are ‘certified’ may also mislead car buyers,” it adds, stating that customers will misunderstand the use of the term “certified” in promotional materials.

The media coverage of this apparent lax attitude towards car safety may result in something positive, as businesses realize the urgency of ensuring recalled cars are not left untended to.

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