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An Innovative Way to Keep the Roads Safe & Bring in Customers

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An Innovative Way to Keep the Roads Safe & Bring in Customers

A Blog Post by Dan Beres, Enterprise Services, OEM & Strategic Partnerships


Have you ever seen a fellow motorist texting while driving? What about eating while driving? Putting on makeup? Turning around to yell at their kids? Yes, all of these happen (and more) daily. Sometimes, all it takes for an unfortunate accident to occur is for a driver to spill that boiling hot Starbucks on their lap while commuting.

Teen drivers follow the examples and lessons their parents and other authority figures teach them when it comes to driving. That driver’s education class can only teach them so much.

There are many dangers young drivers will experience once they get a license and are on their own to face the hazards of the road. In fact, according to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers; causing six deaths per day for drivers between the ages of 16-19. And they are three times more likely to die in a fatal crash than drivers over the age of 21.

The eight most common causes for these accidents are driver inexperience; driving with teenage passengers; driving at night; failing to use seat belts; distracted driving (Starbucks anyone?); drowsy; and reckless and impaired driving.

In general, it appears that this generation of young drivers is easily distracted from the responsibilities of operating a vehicle.  The problem isn’t going away any time soon, but there may be something we can do about it. I’m sure you would agree – parents don’t want to get a phone call informing them that their teenager has been in an accident.

It struck me that, as dealers involved in the local community, perhaps there is something they could do to help with this problem?

Many dealerships hold new car and service clinics regularly. Dealers do this because it allows customers to ask questions that they may have forgotten during the delivery process. It is also an excellent opportunity for the dealership to introduce these customers/potential customers to the service department personnel. There is time for a much more in-depth introduction than during the vehicle delivery process. Also, it helps the dealership continue to build that relationship with the community and work towards creating customer loyalty.

Here’s an idea — How about adding a class on teenage driving safety? Get your customer’s involved. Tell them that they are welcome to bring their adolescent drivers with them. Blast it all over your social media.

You want to know what the best part is? The CDC has already laid out the entire course. They provide downloadable materials; content syndication; and an event planning guide for you to use through their “Parents Are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers” program!

It can be tough to get a lot of participation in a sales or service clinic. However, reaching out to your community and offering classes to teach them (and their teenage drivers) safe teen driving advice directly from the CDC, is an excellent service for your community and the next generation of car shoppers

If you help save their children from fatal car accidents? Now you have a customer for life.


About the Author

Dan Beres

Enterprise Services,
OEM & Strategic


Dan Beres oversees Enterprise Services for Recall Masters, which includes OEM and strategic partnerships.  Dan has 20 years experience selling and managing technology/marketing solutions in the auto industry. Dan held position of Executive Vice President and 7-Year Managing Partner of MyCustomerData in Aliso Viejo, CA. He was a 4-year Director of Sales for DMEautomotive in Florida.  Also, the 8th employee of Tech/Telecom start up Who’sCalling in Kirkland WA.  He possesses expertise in Sales Leadership, Management, & Sales Process.   Also experienced in marketing and CRM execution, Administration and Operations. Developed and Nurtured Corporate Relationships with OEMs and Auto Groups such as BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and FCA (Fiat Chrysler), AutoNation, Sonic, Penske, Asbury and Van Tuyl.  Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Eastern Illinois University, 1992.  Dan previously sat on the Board of Directors for Providence Speech and Hearing Center, a nonprofit organization providing services to the speech and hearing impaired of Orange County, California.


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