17 Mar

What Dealers Should Do When the Repair Gets Delayed

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After a recall starts, vehicle owners are likely going to be upset. Many of them could want repairs as soon as they receive the notification, and look to your dealership for the work to get it done. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, and in that case, the owner stands to get even more upset. Believe it or not, there’s still a way to keep them as loyal customers if you give them enough attention.

Delays in recalls can happen for all sorts of reasons. The Wall Street Journal reported on the Volkswagen recall meant to fix emissions levels in millions of vehicles. Motor authorities in both Europe and the United States have so far failed to reach an agreement over the recall fixes. Tests are ongoing as the manufacturer hopes to reach a tenable solution.

In other cases, parts simply aren’t available yet, or won’t be for some time. You can make the owners feel valued during this delay by thinking ahead. Recall Masters’ own Chris Miller wrote about this in a Service Drive article from last year.

“If your service department doesn’t have the parts to do a recall repair, don’t write the customers off as lost opportunities,” he wrote. “Turn these prospects over to the sales team and devise a strategy to reach out to them. Provide a special incentive or offer to make up for the fact that your service department can’t perform the recall repair in a timely manner.”

Investing in recall communications and other strong marketing services will give you the chance to convert frustrated owners into thankful customers. Recall Masters provides a source of easy communication so your audience feels like they’re being treated well.

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