04 Feb

Sales Touchpoint – First Touch Intro

Important Note: Do not send clients to this page.  This blog content is intended for RM sales staff to use as weekly touchpoints to prospects or for the CS team with existing clients.  Some of this content may also be distributed via the eNewsletter “Recall Rundown.”  Feel free to copy and paste this content into your contact CRM and customize with your intro greeting and email signature.  DO NOT BLAST.  These are individual touchpoints or for recipients from the same dealership.  Your email needs to feel more personal and less about SPAM email blasting, which will cause individuals to unsubscribe.  

Touch Point Campaign: Intro to Recall Masters

eMail Subject Line: Toyota Owners in Your Area are Looking for Your Dealership

eMail Body Below:


Dear Dealership,

Recall Masters is searching for a Toyota dealership in your area that can handle additional consumer traffic from recalls.  Our call center fields consumer inquiries regarding recalls and directs them to a participating service center.  Compliance rates increase if consumers visit the nearest dealership, though we would direct these consumers to neighboring stores if you have no interest.  As you can see in the attached report, these are significant counts and go far beyond what the factory provides.  Our clients include the second largest Toyota store in the nation, along with 8 of the top 10 automotive groups in the nation – and that’s because we are able to locate 2nd/3rd/4th generation Toyota owners.  It turns out that helping consumers with recalls also delivers tremendous opportunity to your store.  Here are just a few highlights from our Toyota clients.

  • Average RO for Toyota: $513
  • 62.8% of these consumers return for a second visit within 12 months
  • More than $38 million in total Warranty Revenue
  • More than $26 million in total CP Revenue
  • More than 50% of these consumers approve additional work beyond the recall repair
  • Almost 12,000 new vehicles sold
  • $14.23 in Service ROI for every $1 invested ($22.45 if you include vehicle sales)

It seems to me that it’s worth a discussion.  Let’s connect so I can show you what we do, explain why Toyota dealers are turning to us to supplement factory efforts and help you feel comfortable about investing more time in reviewing Recall Masters.  It never hurts to just talk.


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