01 Aug

Recalls aren’t the End of the Customer Relationship

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When a recall occurs, a dealership could feel like it’s losing customers. Owners could understandably get upset and blame the dealership for an critical auto problem. In fact, there are some great aspects of the modern car industry that drivers shouldn’t overlook. Strong recall marketing can acknowledge problems while still leaving customers remembering the positive things.

For one thing, consumers are still purchasing cars, despite the major recall actions still ongoing. The Detroit Free Press recently reported on some of the conflicting statistics in current recalls. While the Takata air bag recall has triggered record-setting actions from the government, it also has a low rate of awareness among consumers. Furthermore, General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota and other well-known brands are still handling the aftermath of some major recalls.

With all this pressure on the car companies, it’s still the dealerships that must handle much of the customer service. To get through a recall without losing customer engagement, dealers need to treat their recall marketing campaigns seriously and methodically. Having a clear, orderly plan sends a message to the consumer base that you care about them and want to work quickly, even if they don’t see how the process works “behind the scenes.”

If there are sufficient instructions in a recall notice, the customer will know how to react. Likewise, if the staff handling the phone aspect of the recall are clear enough, they could help de-escalate an angry client and leave them with a better understanding of the situation.

Think of the recall campaign as a step toward better things, and customers could follow suit. Having the right resources in your business will make your staff more effective when the recall begins to take start taking full effect later on.

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