RM Academy: Interested Prospects

What’s so special about Recall Masters?  You asked, so we’re here to show you why 4 out of the top 5 dealer groups in the nation use Recall Masters!  We’re happy to give prospective clients and partners a back-stage pass to comprehensive recall management.  Our online knowledge portal will share vital information that will help you better navigate our products and services.  If you have any questions about our solutions or getting a deeper dive, simply email sales@recallmastes.com or click on the chat button below.  The morning bell is ringing, so answer the call by pulling up a seat to learn more.

General Information

Explainer Video: Let an animation tell you a simplified story of what Recall Masters can do for your dealership.

Introduction to Recall Masters: Start the journey understanding our mission and the inception of our company.

Chapter 1 – The Need for Recall Management: What’s at stake for consumers, OEMs and dealerships?

Chapter 2 – The Markets Recall Masters Serves: Venture to all the corners of the vehicle safety world we influence.

Chapter 3 – Recall Transparency: Pulling together all the components to facilitate recall awareness and compliance.

Chapter 4 – Recall Masters Data (Part 1): What makes our data so unique and why vehicles remain unsafe without it.

Chapter 5 – Recall Masters Data (Part 2): What makes our data so unique and why vehicles remain unsafe without it.

Chapter 6 – Accessing Recall Masters Data: Enterprise Services partners use the API to access our unique recall data.

Chapter 7 – Solving the Last Mile Dilemma: What does it take to compel vehicle owners to take action on a recall notice?

Chapter 8 – Recall Masters Call Center Services: A summary of direct-to-dealer services.

Chapter 9 – Recall Masters Communications Services: 

Best-In-Class Data

Overview: SMART Reports for Inventory Monitoring.

Proprietary Technology

Overview: Recall Department Webpage

Communications Services

Call Capture: Overflow and after-hours call center services.  Don’t let your phones go unanswered!

R+ Holiday Gift Cards: A proven retention program that gets consumers to spend 10X the value of the card amount!

R+ Retention Program: Find out what it takes to keep customers loyal and coming back to your dealership for ongoing service and sales.

Additional Solutions

Enterprise Services: For partners serving the automotive industry, add recall data to your software or platform.

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