05 Sep

How recalled vehicle owners drive dealer business

Detroit, MI — September 5, 2015 — At a glance, the large amount of vehicles recalled in recent years can seem overwhelming to dealers and owners alike. According to a CNN article from May, more than 74 million recalls were issued during 2014 alone, and as of May there were 25 million. However, though these conditions call for appropriate management techniques to address problems, dealers could look at the high amount of recalls as a chance to prove their dedication to customers and win them over.

With proper organization and consistency, dealers will handle the latest news of recalls effectively and turn it into a strong campaign. The best way to do this is to take it on in several phases, and by demonstrating high-quality service during this process, a dealership can demonstrate its skill and knowledge of the latest information.

In an article for FixedOps, Recall Masters President Chris Miller advised dealers to create a staggered list of owners to contact, and target only as many consumers each month as they know they will be able to address. He also recommends packaging special services with the recall to make the company stand out.

“Simply create a Service incentive offer to accompany the recall notice,” he writes. “The offer could include recommended factory Service interval maintenance based on mileage, oil changes, etc.” He also states that the customer mailing “should include your dealership’s street address and website address, a toll free number and your hours of operation. Your e-mails should follow suit.”

By managing recall mailing lists successfully, dealerships will prove their commitment to customer resolution and best practices.

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