19 Oct

Blogpost: Is Selling a Car More Important than Preserving a Life?


With CarMax caught in the crosshairs, I thought you’d find this blogpost from my CEO of interest to you.  It offers a sobering perspective on the subject of selling used cars with open recalls.  Our recent consumer data also revealed that the practice may have devastating effects on the integrity of your brand.  Take a quick read – https://www.recallmasters.com/selling-car-important-preserving-life/ – and then let’s talk.

These blogposts are often featured in Digital Dealer Magazine, Driving Sales Magazine, Dealer Elite Magazine and other automotive publications and are creating awareness about risk mitigation and the solutions Recall Masters offers.  Take a quick read – https://www.recallmasters.com/selling-car-important-preserving-life/ – and then let’s talk.


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