Recall Masters Academy is the automotive industry’s most complete online recall program for dealers and BDCs.  We provide best practices, productivity tools and proven processes to achieve superior results.  Together with our ongoing communications monitoring program, we help ensure that the entire dealer staff leverages recalls as an opportunity to create customers for life.

Best Practices

  • Qualify customers by phone and in person
  • Supplement recall service with customer pay ROs
  • Convert recalls into vehicle sales opportunities


  • Inbound and outbound telephone scripts
  • Service and sales qualifying checklists
  • Online training, testing and management reporting


  • Market area reservation and recall selection
  • Lead management workflow
  • Campaign and staff performance monitoring


  • Open Recall Estimate Report – Provides an estimate of all recall opportunities by zip code to assist in prioritizing recalls based on safety risk and profitability
  • VIN Batch Report – Contains complete recall details including risk and profit scoring along with mailing quantity and recommended parts order quantities for each recall reminder mailing
  • Vehicle Owner Report – Contains vehicle owner and contact information corresponding with each periodic direct mail distribution to consumers, including all open recalls and time required to service each recall
  • Call Journal and ROI Report – Counts inbound calls, measures response rate and includes a Call Journal used by our Account Managers to monitor and measure dealer performance based on reviewing recorded calls with vehicle owners

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