12 Oct

Aggressive action to promote better recall awareness

Detroit, MI — October 12, 2015 — Auto recalls are a long process that require vigilance, the right staff and accurate information. Once the data about a certain dangerous auto defect has been released, recall communication specialists are needed to generate successful responses among the target owner demographic. It’s a concern that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has taken seriously with its recent efforts in ways that manufacturers and dealers can take note of.

Back in June, the Agency took specific action to promote awareness of the Takata air bag recall, spotlighting not just the online Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) database but a digital recall alert system designed to reach multiple kinds of devices.

The organization has also been aggressive recently in the way it handles reporting practices for manufacturers: in the recent case of Spartan Motors Inc., the NHTSA mandated a necessary third party audit to verify correct reporting procedures.

In a press release published back in May, Autotrader analyst Michelle Krebs said that owner and manufacturer expectations need to parallel each other in the face of such enormous recent recall campaigns.

“The huge number of high-profile recalls recently makes it even more imperative for automakers to get consumers to come into dealerships for repairs and for consumers to proactively check to see if their cars are recalled,” she said.

Working with recall services that are up to date and aware of the most recent advancements and notices can help truly reach the necessary owners and enforce corrective behavior. With the amount of current active recalls potentially overwhelming consumers, notices need to be sent out in an efficient manner and designed to retain driver interest.

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