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  • Chrysler Recalls Jeep, Ram, Dodge Vehicles to Fix Distracting Rear-View Camera May 13, 2020
    Laguna Hills, CA – May 12, 2020 – Chrysler (NASDAQ: FCA) announced the recall of several models of Jeep SUVs, Ram pickup trucks, Dodge SUVs and Chrysler minivans equipped with 8.4” or 12” radio displays. The recall includes the following models: 2020 Jeep Gladiator 2020 Jeep Cherokee 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Pickup 2019-2020 Ram 2500 Pickup
  • Chrysler Recalls Jeep Compass and Ram Vehicles for Wiper Malfunction May 1, 2020
    Laguna Hills, CA – May 1, 2020 – A nut that does not fit properly is causing some wiper blades to loosen and not work properly on potentially hundreds of thousands of Jeep Compass and Ram 1500 pickups. The fix is fast, simple, and free, NHTSA recall information says. Jeep Compass SUVs manufactured from May
  • Subaru Recall Targets Faulty Fuel Pumps Due to Crash Risk May 1, 2020
    Laguna Hills, CA – April 30, 2020 – An issue with a low-pressure fuel pump is causing some Subaru Outback, Ascent, Impreza, and Legacy models to stall and not restart or run roughly. That might lead to an accident, Subaru recalls say. Deformed Impeller Prompts Recall 2019 Subaru Ascent, Impreza, Legacy, and Outback cars and
  • Crash Risk Prompts Hyundai to Recall Nexo and Sonata Vehicles April 10, 2020
    Hyundai Motor Company (HYMTF) is recalling some 2020 Nexo and Sonata vehicles. The Remote control of these vehicles may allow the vehicle to move without control and cause a crash exposing owners and others to injury. Laguna Hills, CA – April 9, 2020 – Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) announced a recall of 2020 Nexo and
  • Audi’s May Lose Steering Control March 25, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V149000 A manufacturing defect in the 2019 Audi Q8 and 2017-2019 Audi Q7 vehicles may cause drivers to lose ability to control steering.  Bolts connecting both the steering gear and the steering shaft may loosen, resulting in a loss of steering control. There have been three reported field incidents surrounding the recall,
  • Infiniti Rear Seat Belts May Not Lock March 13, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V145000 2020 Infiniti Q60 vehicles rear seat belt assemblies may not lock properly in the event of a crash.  The approximate number of affected Infiniti vehicles is 450, but could be higher as the specifics of the recall are still under investigation.  There have been no reported cases or injuries reports to
  • Jeep Recalls 33,000+ Wranglers and Gladiators Due to Fire Risk March 10, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V124000 Laguna Hills, CA – March 3, 2020 – Jeep recalls all 2018-2020 manual transmission Wranglers and 2020 manual transmission Gladiators due to a clutch issue. Gladiator owners may be at particular risk since Jeep has also issued a recall on 2020 models for a rear driveshaft installation error. The clutch recall
  • Blower Motor Used to Replace Original in Ford Ranger’s May Short March 9, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V137000 Laguna Hills, CA – March 9, 2020 – Replacement blower motors installed in 2019 Ford Ranger vehicles may electrically short and increase the risk of vehicle fire. The potential number of affected vehicles is 5,384. The Defect: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2019 Ford Ranger vehicles that had been
  • Sonata Low Pressure Fuel Pump May Overheat And Crack February 29, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V121000 Laguna Hills, CA – February 28, 2020 – 2013-2014 Hyundai Sonata low pressure fuel hose may crack and leak due to high temperatures around the engine. If the low pressure fuel pump overheats it may crack  and leak fuel, increasing the risk of fire and inhibiting the ability to operate the
  • Daytime Running Lights in Certain Ford Trucks Are Not Dimming Properly February 21, 2020
    re: NHTSA campaign 20V097000 Laguna Hills, CA – Feb 6, 2020 – Certain Ford Trucks equipped with high series LED headlamps may not dim properly which could result in impair visibility to other drivers.  The total number of affected vehicles is 166,196. The Defect: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling 2018-2020 F-150 trucks installed with

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