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Recall Masters has added high-engagement retention solutions to our industry-defining recall management process where we are able to locate 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation owners that the OEMs can’t find.  Welcome to R+ Premium.  Recalls give your store a unique opportunity to reintroduce a heightened level of servicing experience that can only happen at a franchise dealership – a recall repair.  While our end-to-end solution brings lost/lapsed customers and prospects back into the store before they defect, ongoing service retention requires the types of incentives that really get the attention of consumers.  That’s where our R+ solution delivers!  R+ layers high-engagement retention solutions on top of a recall effort that truly differentiates your store from other competitors and aftermarket service providers. Boost service retention and customer pay (CP) revenue from out-of-warranty owners who have already defected or are about to.  Fight off defection with turnkey, targeted communications that win back consumers with a customizable offer that truly engages.

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