01 Nov

Mercedes recalls vehicles with defective steering columns [Video]

Hello, and welcome to another vehicle recall update.

Mercedes Benz U-S-A has recalled nearly five hundred thousand vehicles possibly equipped with defective steering columns. The campaign affects two dozen models. However, Mercedes speculates that a mere one percent of the vehicles named in the recall contain the defective parts.

Affected models could contain steering columns with broken clock springs. These damaged fixtures inhibit steering column grounding, risking the sudden occurrence of electrostatic electricity strong enough to cause inadvertent air bag deployment. This poses a serious safety risk to occupants.

Mercedes plans to direct dealers to add steering column grounding components to all vehicles, free of charge, as a precautionary measure. The car company will notify dealers this month and contact owners via first-class mail December twelfth, two-thousand and seventeen.

Stay tuned for more vehicle recall breaking news.

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