Recapture Inactive Customers.  Recapture Opportunity!

Don’t let you most loyal of customers drift away from you.  R+ will unleash customized, co-op eligible Service Effectiveness Campaigns to reinvigorate relationships with inactive customers, driving them back to your Service and Sales Departments. Our “digital forensics” process scrubs your data to provide purified up-to-date vehicle ownership information, reducing waste and increasing market opportunity.

R+ campaign components encompass an effective blend of communications and marketing solutions that compel these consumers to reengage your dealership, feel appreciated and take action to service again!  The gift card amount demonstrates your appreciation for these loyal customers, while the expiration date creates a call-to-action with a sense of urgency.

ROI Success: Herb Chambers BMW Hits Factory Bonus

In October 2019, a R+ Service Effectiveness campaign was launched, targeting 8,000 inactive and conquest customers. Over the 3 months of the campaign, the Service Effectiveness Rating increased 3%.

Response Rate 17%
Inactive and Conquest Customers Only

Vehicle Sales 27
Dual-Purpose Campaign Drives Revenue

ROI 18:1
Exclusively Reserve Your Market Area

The R+ campaign increased our Service Effectiveness rating to the highest of any BMW Center across North America. The data cleansing and digital forensics process is phenomenal. I love you guys.

Matt Krappe
Service Director
Herb Chambers BMW of Boston

I was not expecting the results to be as good as they were. I was truly surprised at how effective our R+ campaign was.

Matt McNeal
General Manager
Coggin BMWTreasure Coast

I’ve been in the business almost 50 years, and I have seen and heard it all before. The cards look and feel luxurious and our customers love them…You guys deliver on your promises.

Joe Coleman
Fixed Operations Director
Knauz AutomotiveGroup

Recall Masters is working to ensure our client dealerships stay COVID resilient.  As such, we’d like to share some best practices when communicating with consumers at this time.  In April 2020, we facilitated a telephone survey and campaign for one of our client dealerships, connecting with 107 BMW owners who missed service appointments over the previous 45 days.  Those owners cited “fears over COVID-19” as the reason for missing the appointment, requesting vehicle cleaning and disinfection from the dealership.

Approximately 90% of respondents required these services, along with remote pickup and delivery, as a condition of vehicle servicing.  While many respondents found themselves facing a job loss, they were keen to hear about available discounts.  The dollar amount on the gift card can be used to entice consumers to service with you at a time when they are ambivalent to spend money.  We encourage your dealership to deploy these best practices as part of the R+ program.  Incorporated into the R+ Gift Card campaign, this special messaging demonstrates your appreciation to loyal customers as well as shares your dealership’s commitment to safe health practices.

Find Out How to Reinvigorate Lost Customer Relationships!

Richard Adams

Recall Masters’ Richard Adams oversees the R+ program for BMW and all other manufacturers.  It all begins with you reaching out to him using this form or by emailing .  From there, you’ll be invited to review the components of the program, explore the opportunity in your DMS and evaluate different pricing options.  Time is of the essence, as these consumers are eager to reengage your dealership.  Thank you for your inquiry.

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