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Beefed-up Consumer Law in Australia Puts Open Recalls Down Under

Taking Recall Repairs on the Road
CBS Los Angeles profiles Long Beach BMW in a story that promotes mobile recall repairs, Watch to see how mobile recall repairs and consumer convenience come together to help keep our roads and highways the CBS Los Angeles newstory here.

An Innovative Way to Keep the Roads Safe & Bring in Customers

An Innovative Way to Keep the Roads Safe & Bring in Customers
A Blog Post from Dan Beres

Have you ever seen a fellow motorist texting while driving? What about eating while driving? Putting on makeup? Turning around to yell at their kids? Yes, all of these happen (and more) daily. Sometimes, all it takes for an unfortunate accident to occur is for a driver to spill that boiling hot Starbucks on their lap while commuting.  Teen drivers follow the examples and lessons their parents and other authority figures teach them when it comes to driving. That driver’s education class can only teach them so much.  There are the full blog article here


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