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Who’s the Baby? Recalls and Infants

Is Mobile Service the Answer to Higher Recall Completion Rates?
A Blog Post from Dan Beres

WRecall completion percentages have been increasing, but despite increased communication attempts, that increase is hitting a plateau.  A recent trend reveals that many vehicle owners are very interested in mobile services. Currently, the percentage of independent repair shops that offer mobile services dramatically outweighs franchised dealers. Are dealers losing their customer service edge to independents who are willing to go the extra mile to win the business?  According to an article in Automotive News, the full blog article here

Who’s the Baby? Recalls and Infants

Where Oh Where Do We Find More Techs?
A Blog Post from Dan Beres

With the increasing demand for service repairs, dealers are scrambling to recruit more technicians. At the same time, the pool of experienced technicians is dwindling, as not enough new technicians are entering the workforce - and demand will only increase.  Regardless of how much money your dealership may spend to expand your facilities to accommodate more work, if there aren’t technicians in the bays to do it, it’s a losing proposition. In fact, many dealers are aggressively recruiting technicians from other dealerships, the full blog article here

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