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Part 1 - The Problems with Selling Used Cars with Recall - Consumers Vote with their Pocktbooks

Part 1 - The Problems with Selling Used Cars with Recall - Consumers Vote with their Pocktbooks
A Series by Sean Reyes, CMO

When it comes to selling used cars with recalls, dealers seek refuge from scrutiny by turning to fellow dealerships for validation. We’re all doing it – it’s not against the law. No, it’s not against the federal, but it also doesn’t mean that’s it good for business. And there’s also a huge legal question tied to product liability, but let’s set that aside for the moment. There’s no point to an ethical debate on a practice that is a pretty commonplace in our industry. Instead, it the first installment of this series


Are You a Good Leader?

Are You a Good Leader?
A Blog Post from Dan Beres

All businesses need good leaders who know what it takes to be profitable, but also how to retain employees who are valuable to the business. Employee retention is key to profitability, as replacing someone takes a significant amount of time and effort. It can also result in lost revenue as the dealership sacrifices the opportunity to connect with and foster long-term relationships with consumers.  So, what makes for a good leader?  Well, I recently read a great article on SignalVoice that shares an interesting point: what leaders the full blog post here

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