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Buyer Beware: Are Your Recall Efforts FTC Compliant?

Buyer Beware: Are Your Recall Efforts FTC Compliant? 
The US Government's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Takes a Stand Against Dealerships Engaged in Deceptive Recall Campaigns

Earlier this month, the FTC settled a lawsuit with Toyota and Nissan dealerships in Virginia and Maryland and their vendor ( for sending out fake recall notices in order to drive consumer traffic back to the dealerships, a deceptive practice ruled in violation of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.  Recall Masters is advising the dealership community to vet marketing vendors for recall compliancy and data integrity, along with a host of other attributes that meet the unique standards associated with recall marketing to consumers.  To obtain a checklist of items that safeguard your dealership from these types of lawsuits, please email

read the details of the FTC lawsuit here

The Pitfalls of Discounting Service

The Pitfalls of Discounting Service
A Blog Post from Christopher Miller

When it comes to sales and service transactions in the retail automotive industry, a main strategy in acquiring new customers or repeat business has always been to offer discounts. Most auto dealer advertisements on television, radio, online, or delivered via any other medium, are based around price discounts. “Save $12,000 off MSRP on this truck,” or “Come in and get an oil change for just $19.99,” are common messages dealerships use to bring in new customers and reignite relationships with those who may have disconnected from the dealership. But are discounted promotions a sound long-term customer...

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