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A Special Report by Vehicle Make

A Special Report by Vehicle Make:
What the Smartest Dealerships in America Yield from Recalls
Is Your Dealership Dismissing Recalls and Missing Out on a Hidden Gem?

An estimated 3 in every 10 vehicles on the road today have an open recall. While it’s a crisis for all consumers and the entire auto industry, it’s also an opportunity for dealerships to be a beacon of safety in their community. Recall Masters, the #1 provider of comprehensive recall solutions, has extracted data across its network of dealer clients to uncover exactly what dealership, by the makes they serve, can yield from taking hold of the recall crisis…

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Recalls: Perhaps California has the Solution?

Recalls: Perhaps California has the Solution?
A Blog Post from Christopher Miller

It’s always frustrating to read articles about the challenges legislators, manufacturers and states have with low recall compliance rates. And, even worse than the challenges is the finger-pointing going on, the lack of cooperation and the unwillingness to invest in what is a major public safety issue.  A recent article in Automotive News illustrates this perfectly.  The article describes a rather broken system filled with organizations who perhaps do not feel this is “their problem.” The NHTSA is hounding...

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