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CNET Does a Recap of the Biggest Recalls of 2017

The Biggest Recalls of 2017
CNET's Road Show Website Does a Great Job of Wrapping Up the Big Recalls of the Year

The auto industry witnessed a record number of recalls in 2016 reaching 52,985,779 in total. That's a steep number that was plumped up in large part due to the massive Takata airbag campaign that ultimately drove the Japanese company into bankruptcy.  To date, recalls for 2017 punch in at 28,146,661 with Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Ford, Hyundai and BMW leading the way. That's not a small number, but it's a far cry from the 2016 levels. Here's a look at some of the biggest and noteworthy auto recalls issued this…

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Taking Care of Recall Customers While Maximizing Revenue

Taking Care of Recall Customers While Maximizing Revenue
A Blog Post from Christopher Miller

As industry experts forecast slumping sales numbers, a recent article in Automotive News suggests that service departments can pick up the slack by getting back to customer-pay work. I cringed when I first read that, fearing that dealers would take this advice and backpedal on their commitment to assist customers with recall repairs. It would be tricky to handle all recall work, while putting a primary focus on customer-pay revenue, without also leveraging recall customers for some of that work...

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