03 May

Vaporizing fuel an issue in 2017 Subaru recall [Video]

Cherry Hill, N.J.—April 20, 2017—A new Subaru recall will target more than thirty-three thousand vehicles for a fuel system risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report said that the recall impacted 2017 Subaru Impreza 4D and 5D vehicles.

In these autos, drivers could have trouble starting the engine or keeping it going. This could signify an internal problem processing winter fuel. If the engine vaporizes the fuel, it could cause pressure to drop.

Although the problem concerns the fuel itself, it actually stems from the software installed within the engine control unit. The fix therefore will require new software for this system. Production for these impacted vehicles only recently ended March fifteenth, and the report estimated that all of the suspected vehicles likely had the defect.

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