03 Oct

NHTSA Concludes Car Safety Tour [Video]

Washington, D.C. — Oct. 03, 2016 — Earlier this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched a new auto safety campaign. The Safe Car Safe Lives tour promoted better vehicle safety and encouraged owners to check the recall status on their vehicles.

The first stop on the tour was Miami, which it visited on August 9, with the tour concluding on August 13, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mark Rosekind, Administrator of the NHTSA, was along for the ride to promote his administration’s agenda.

The stops allowed safety professionals to check vehicles for possible flaws and improve them.

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We are also happy to share an article provided by another website that is promoting safe teen driving tips.  Please feel free to share this with anyone who would benefit – https://www.plymouthrock.com/resource-center/insurance-101/teen-driver-tips

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