12 Jul

More inflators added to Takata air bag recalls


Washington, D.C.—July 12, 2017—The latest development in the recall for potentially dangerous Takata air bag inflators sees yet more vehicles potentially affected by an action that already includes many major manufacturers and carries global implications. The latest update reportedly adds another 2.7 million units to the count, according to the Associated Press, which said 42 million vehicles have been recalled for the Takata air bag concerns so far in total.

On July 11, the source reported on the action, which comes after the company filed for bankruptcy in June. This is for a type of inflator left out of the previous recall that still poses a possible risk of rupturing and possibly affecting occupants as a result. The article also said that Takata has a 2019 deadline for safer alternative inflators with more stable material.

This deadline comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has taken extra steps to facilitate the recall. As of June 23, the total air bag repair rate is at 39.7 percent, an increase from the May 26 rate of 38.1 percent.

The NHTSA also mapped out the projected timeline for the Takata air bag recall filing date based on the locations and model years of the affected vehicles. The recall is divided in to three zones: A, B and C, with A being the most hot and humid and C being the least.

Recall actions for vehicles in humid environments have generally been the most urgent. The source said that December 31 is set to see the filing for relevant vehicles with model years as recent as 2013 in Zone A. For Zone B this maximum model year is 2010, and for Zone C it’s 2009. The filing plan for all three zones is to focus on all remaining vehicles and like-for-like replacement parts in the two years that follow 2017, the source said.

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